Abortion-as a social issue in the world

Abortion-as a social issue in the world

Introduction to abortion as a social issue

In this article, we are going to highlight abortion as a serious social issue. There exist two schools of thought when it comes to talking about abortion.

It is supported by one group as an option to avoid an increasing population. The second group considers it as a social evil. Because it kills a human.

Both groups support their views by giving different arguments.  To some extent, these arguments are correct for both parties. Because every coin has two ends.

We cannot answer by looking at the one side of the coin. If we really want answer then we need to look at both ends.

Let us discuss what actually this is all about?


BY definition, Abortion is a process that results in the death of a fetus by the termination of pregnancy. It may also occur naturally in response to an injury or other complications in mother and is known as a miscarriage.

If abortion is done intentionally then it is called induced abortion. In this type of abortion, pregnancy is unwanted or presents a risk to a women’s health.

In some parts of the world, a woman having a fetus which is the carrier of any fatal disease is aborted. All around the world abortion is regarded as a social and ethical issue as it is regarded as killing a human who is still to come in this world.

 Abortion as a social issue in the past

Abortion has been practiced throughout the world since ancient times. It is regarded as an inhuman and cruel method to control birth.

It received antagonism from religions and many social groups. Until 19thcentury it gained the status of illegal act in most of countries.

It was England who banned all abortions in 1803 and soon this law was passed by many nations of Asia, Africa, and Latin America as well.

20th century met some changes in laws about abortion that legalized abortion almost in the whole of Europe and Asia.

Different types of abortion

There are many types of Induced abortions. Some are based on traditional methods and some are customary. Traditional methods of abortion as in past present serious threats to women’s health and some times result in death even.

Usually, pregnancies last an average of 39 to 40 weeks, and this time spans are divided into three phases. The first phase of pregnancy is suitable for abortion.

Drug based abortion is also called medication abortion. In this process, woman has prescribed two drugs to use within the first week of a confirmed pregnancy which works by blocking progesterone level.

This method almost 100 percent results in ending pregnancy with some side infections as well, Such as nausea, cramping and bleeding, etc.


The surgical abortion method is also effective if done by a professional surgeon by using different techniques and instruments.

It lasts for several minutes with the risk of infection to a woman. This can be safely done during the second phase of pregnancy as well.

Society VS abortion

As we know that society is formed by the combination of different communities. Every community has different opinions about abortion as a social issue.

However, mostly in Asia and the middle east, it is considered against ethics. In Europe, it is somehow spreading as law enforcement institutes call it to be one’s own fundamental right.


It has been a serious and widely discussed ethical issue of recent times. One group supports it by relating it to the reproductive rights of women and the second group advocating pro-life concept.

The second group supports it when it presents serious threats to a mother’s life. They consider a fetus a human bring which is able to survive outside the mother’s womb.

The first group opposes this concept by saying that fetus has no legal rights until it comes to the world. Therefor mother has the right to carry it or give it up by having an abortion.

Whatever the arguments are from both groups. There must be no doubt that abortion is a serious social issue in the world. We all need to raise our voice against it.



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