Advantages of  social media in the World

Advantages of social media in the World

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What are the advantages of social media? Social media is very important in the age in which we are living. People prefer to spend most of their time on social media۔ This has led to a number of consequences that need to be considered. 


It is also a fact that man writes whatever he wants to write. On social media there is freedom. No one can stop you. In other words it can be said that he has free space.


How do we review the advantages of social media?


Most importantly, social media is a flow that has no boundaries. But that doesn’t mean we can’t review it.

Social media is actually a stage where all ideas can be presented freely and for free.

 First of all, let us mention the beneficiaries of social media. it can be said that social media is an invaluable place for anyone. And he says that I have a thought and an ideology that needs to be benefited.


You can also use your ideas to reach people you have never had access to before. In the same way, you are freely aware of the views of other distant personalities whom you could not reach.


In addition, you do not need any money to present your views and get acquainted with other people’s views. In the pre-social media era, you set up a local radio or television station to run a newspaper locally.


It used to take a lot of money to do this. However,  now you can share your ideas with others without money.


But at the same time, it is a fact that a person communicates his ideas to others without any censorship or hindrance. It leads to many abominations. These are also dangerous for a closed society.


We have the example of the Arab Spring in which an attempt was made to promote the atmosphere of democracy in a closed society and social media was used for this purpose.

Past Vs present 

Talking about the past the world was not as developed as it is now a day. This is called the age of technology. As recent inventions and discoveries have revolutionized the world.


As compared to the people of the past, nowadays people are living a stable facilitated life. Today life has become so fast.


We are immediately informed about what happens in the farthest part of the world. This all became possible due to social media which is playing a very crucial role in the civilized world of today.

How Social media transformed our lifestyle 

Social media has transformed the whole world into a global village. There are so many websites and apps which have become a common part of people’s life.


We have to accept the fact that this is because of social media that we are so close to our loved ones. We can make video calls to interact in the blinking of an eye.


The importance of social media can be best explained by a person from the past who used to send his marriage invitation to relatives months ago as it took several days to reach the desired destination.


Advantages of Social media

We are all well aware of the benefits of the Internet. In the field of education, in particular, it has created a positive revolution. This revolution was impossible to predict in the past.


The Internet provides books, articles, and research materials on all kinds of knowledge in the world. In addition, the Internet has brought a wide range of services to our homes. It includes communication systems and the buying and selling of daily life.


There are so many social networking sites on the Internet. May educated people from all walks of life, from academics to politicians, from school, college, university students, and general job seekers to ordinary English-speaking people work for providing online facilities.


There is a large class. And there are many of them who are very active on these social sites. They spend most of the 24 hours of the day on them and participate in educational, political, religious discussions and debates.


The trend of our people towards the internet and social sites has increased dramatically in the last few years. Because the prevalence of internet and 4G mobiles has increased.


Talking about the merits and demerits of social media it can be said that it depends upon people how they utilize it for different activities.


Social media has a lot of merits. As it is a source of knowledge and information. Therefore, People can share their thoughts, messages with others in no time.


They can use social media websites that have almost every single information about current issues in the world. It helps in making the people rational by enhancing their knowledge.


It brings in political awareness among the common men. Which makes them realize their basic rights and duties in the state they are living in. People are free to share their views about any issue throughout the world.


Social media has provided a lot of plate forms to those who like reading. we all know that book reading is a major success factor. There are so many websites where anyone can register himself as a reader. 


He can also download the required books for no cost. Social media also provide opportunities for remote working. A blogger can establish his website. He can use this website or blog for selling his products.


For example, Quora is a platform that is rapidly gaining popularity today. On this website, a user writes a question according to his need. Then other users who are interested according to this question are invited to write the answer.


After that, the best answer is shown at the top of the list. You can find the question yourself and write the answer to it. And if you can write the question yourself and call others for the answer then a long scholarly discussion can be done by answering the question.


Social media has developed a global culture where people from various localities and culture comes to know about one another’s cultural and traditional trends.


In past communication between two people from different origins was a serious issue because of language unawareness.


Social media has such platforms where language translation is no more an issue to communicate with a person of another language.


People can easily propagate their ideology on social media by making a community or group where people from all over the world discuss what is posted.


Another advantage of social media is the economy. People have transformed their business into e-business where they earn a lot of money.


There are many websites where people can turn their passion into earning. In this busy world, people hardly manage their time for shopping.


But social media has rectified this problem by providing the facility of online shopping. Now one just needs to pick up his cell phone and order what he wants to buy.

Social media is also an amazing source of entertainment as well. It provides full access to movies, songs, debates, news, and documentaries according to the different tastes of people in this ever-changing world.


In the present world, people have become sick of daily and busy routine activities.  To release this sickness social media provide them a variety of entertainment.


Even this has become a scientific fact that entertainment is mandatory for a person of this age. It is one of the famous advantages of social media.


Health is a blessing of God. One of most important advantages of social media is related to health and nutrition. One can find diet plans and tips about health and the immune system as well. 

As every picture has two ends. Similarly, in spite of the advantages of social media, there are also some demerits which will be discussed in the next article.

There are many other facts about the latest technologies


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