Child Abuse as a serious social issue

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What is Child abuse?

Child abuse has become a very serious social issue in the world. Every minute anywhere in the world a child faces child abuse.
Child abuse often called child maltreatment is about intentional acts. Whose consequences are in the form of physical injury or emotional harm to children.
It concludes a broad range of behavior. Such as physical assault by parents or other family also includes neglecting the basic needs of the child.
 It is not possible to completely measure the extent of child abuse as it is not confined to some countries. It can be seen in all sorts of societies of urban and rural communities.
It is no specified to some ethnic groups and religions. The definition of child abuse varies throughout the world. In some countries, the law does not allow any sort of physical punishment of children. And in some less developed countries, parents can punish their child by hitting.

Types of child abuse

There are several types of child abuse.
·      Physical abuse Includes intentionally done acts of violence which sometimes result in injury and sometimes in the death of a child. Injury includes broken bones, acid attacks, burn marks, etc.
·      Sexual abuse involves the use of a child for sexual satisfaction and forcing or attracting children to sexual activities such as showing the adult content, uncivilized discussion.
·      Emotional abuse involves attacking the self-respect of the child by verbally abusing the child in the family or out of the house. It also includes threats, degradation, and negative criticism. It mostly occurs by parents in a situation when a child is always forced to get higher grades in the study.
·      Another abuse is mostly shown by stepmothers or caretakers. Such as cold behavior, keeping a child in dark places, prohibiting the child to be socialized, limiting their access to edible and emotional abuse. Emotional abuse means blackmailing the child to get his approval for what he does not want.
In this modern and busy lifestyle, parents are busy enough to neglect their children. This neglect may be of many types such as less provision of food clothing, shelter, medical care to a child. This type of negligence involves failure to meet a child’s basic needs such as education.

Causes for child abuse 

There are so many causes for child abuse by people in society. It is assumed that the people may be suffering from some sort of mental disorder but this is correct only a very small group.
·    Hereditary violence means the behavior a child learns violence from his parents or family members. And this child when grows up to transfer it to his own children. It is a scientific fact that the majority of abused children behave as same as their parents did to them.
·      Social stress is another very important cause raising the sense of child abuse in families. It has been observed the families with good social status behave normally with their children as compared to those living in with a lower social status.
 In rich families, children are abused by negligence as their parents do not have enough time to spend with them. Sometimes in rich families, children are abused but it is not reported as their parents are not more socialized. The use of drugs and alcohol by parents also results in child abuse.
·      Family systems also play a role in spreading child abuse. A family with only husband and wife have higher rates of child abuse than joint families.
In separate families where husband and wife share the responsibilities to take care of children faceless abuse incidents than those where only one parent is given all the responsibilities.

Effects of child abuse

There are very dangerous consequences of child abuse. For example, after being raped, their brutal killings have become a daily occurrence.
Incidents are reported on social media. Every day there is noise and anger. Then people fall silent. Or something new happens.
Sexual abuse harms children. Such as physical trauma, mental trauma. Because of this, children face difficulties in every aspect of life (school, college, home, and marriage).
A child is sexually abused when he or she is forced to engage in sexual activity. It is often physical and sometimes online.
For instance, on a computer or mobile, exchanging photos or videos, and then physical activity.  The majority of them are boys. And many girls too.
Sex offenders are usually adults. They can be family members, friends, or even strangers. Child abuse can happen anywhere. Whether at home or away from home.
Children do not understand. Or whatever happens to them. They become so frightened that they cannot stop it. According to Human Rights Watch, there were 3832 reported cases of child abuse in Pakistan in 2018.
Those that could not be reported or suppressed will also be in the sectors. The perpetrators of these incidents were not convicted but all the nominees were released on bail.

Role of parents and other family members 

“Our responsibilities and duties as parents and as sensible brothers and sisters.”

Create a friendly environment for children at home so that they feel safe and trustworthy during the conversation and build trust.

Children should be reassured that if they complain to their parents or older siblings about an undesirable act or person, they will be trusted and will not face any reprimands or beatings.

Make it clear to children that their siblings are the only ones who are their real siblings.

Explain to children that they cannot take any toys or food from strangers. Drivers, janitors, housekeepers, school administrators, and teachers are also strangers to children in terms of receiving such gifts.

Children should be reminded not to sit alone in the room with anyone other than their parents and siblings, and to have their parents and siblings with them at all times until they are too old.

Children should be advised to avoid talking unnecessarily to people around them and to move away from the person or place immediately if they feel threatened or intimidated.

If tutors and readers come to the house to teach the children, then the sensible and responsible person of the house should be present in the teaching room.

Parents should be present with the child to board the school van or to the school gate.

Keep track of all children’s friends and their homes. Strictly follow the children’s comings and goings during the game and stay with an older, sensible person in the house while playing with the children outside.

If you come home to look after children, have employees present, never leave your children alone with them and never send them out alone with an employee or driver.

Keep the data of all the employees of your household safe and also submit it to the local police station.

Never send children alone to a stranger’s or neighbour’s house, no matter how pleasant the parents’ relationship with the neighbours.

Keep an eye on the unusual movements of a stranger or suspicious person, who does not belong to your area or neighbourhood.

Never send children to a store alone to buy household items.

Pay attention to children’s changing attitudes, moods, and habits.

Keep an eye on who your child is afraid of and who he or she is approaching unnecessarily.

Teach children to say “no”. If a person tries to get close to them in the wrong way. 

At the end of the day, ask the children where they went all day.

In the end, it is important to explain to the children who have been the victims of such accidents that they are not responsible for any such accident or incident.

Nor do they need to feel ashamed or guilty. Make sure that the home environment is built with healthy communication and action.

While educating children on these topics, we also need to take special care not to intimidate them with any of our words or actions.

Therefore, whatever is explained or told to them should be explained in a very light-hearted manner, gradually at different times so that the clear and innocent minds of the children are not distracted.

They do not feel any kind of fear, as if whenever talking to them If done, the home environment should be friendly.

These topics are generally considered to be shameful and parents do not want to mention them in front of their children.

But now the urgency of the time and the situation demands that we enlighten our children. To save the future, we must take these steps more urgently so that in the future we can build a healthy society for our children.

FAQs about Child abuse

what is the most possible reason child abuse is unreported?

The most possible reason behind unreported cases of child abuse is the social behaviour of the individuals living around the society. In most societies, parents feel hesitation in reporting the case of child abuse due to the negative comments from the people living around them. This condition is even worse in the eastern societies such as in some Asian countries like India, Bangladesh and Pakistan. People make fun of these suffering children therefore, parents avoid reporting child abuse cases.

When Does Discipline become child abuse?

Discipline is a good thing until considered as imparting moral character in child. But mostly parents impose very strictness and hard rules at home to be followed by the child. This situation becomes worse as it causes adverse psychological effects on the child. To make this intense discipline followed by the child parents behavior turns into a type of child abuse probably the verbal child abuse. This is also observed in the educational institutes where teachers unintentionally practice child abuse.

Which is the following is the most frequent form of child abuse?

The most frequent form of child abuse is verbal abuse around the world. This is witnessed in multiple forms. Verbal abuse is prevailing in the world as parents leave their children at home under the supervision of a housemaid. These housemaids in the absence of parents practice child abuse. Similarly, in educational institutes, verbal child abuse is witnessed by the teaching staff. In families with poor and uneducated background, verbal abuse is practised by the even.

What are the signs of child abuse?

Being a child who is facing some sort of child abuse becomes frightened. He cannot understand the situation he goes through. But there are certain signs of child abuse that parents need to highlight. For examples, Sudden change in child behaviour, any physical injury of specific body parts, silence, lack of interest in educational activities, social skills, living away from parent’s company, anxiety etc.