Disadvantages of social media in world

Disadvantages of social media in world

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Disadvantages of social media in the world

There is no doubt that this era is the fastest and most advanced era۔ It is equipped with technology. Social media is no less than a blessing here. It has many disadvantages as well.
Where once you had to search for many books for information. But now all the information is presented to you in one click. You can take the desired benefits from it.
Experienced guidance for people from all walks of life is available at the click of a button. If you are interested in reading but don’t have enough money to buy books.
Don’t worry because there are tens of millions of books on every subject for you on social networking sites. There are so many educational courses or religious and secular studies.
You can download online or download whenever you want. You can download and read and if you don’t want to read, listen whenever you want. Search and listen to your favorite scholar on YouTube. 
But as the saying goes,
“Too much of everything is harmful.”
Similarly, while social media has countless benefits. There is nothing more destructive if misused. And while it is a great resource, it is also an important tool in promoting false and inappropriate information.
A lot of riots are happening on social media, agencies are throwing mud at their opponents and targeting people with false and provocative news.
All kinds of information are available at the click of a button. But this information is not necessarily accurate. Where there is complete freedom on social media.
Inexperienced people, when not able to use it properly, become part of immoral activities. They do not only waste time and energy but also leave themselves unworthy.
We have already discussed the advantages of social media in part one. Now let us Disadvantages of social media.
According to the statistics of some surveys at the international level, social media has excessive use Nowadays. Due to this, there are so many serious Disadvantages of social media. 
It results in wastage of time and many people develop an addiction to social media. The condition is worse than it is perceived as people have no information about what is happening in their surroundings.
The excessive use of media has alarming situation in modern world. As people who avoid it are also developing the sense of conservatism and frustration. This is all because of the behavior of those they go to meet.
If we talk about the relation between parents and children few year ago. Children were so close to their parents. But in recent times children receive less attention from their parents due to excessive use of social media by parents.
This behavior from parents triggers a sense of inferiority among children. As a result, they try to find someone else to join them. This problem becomes more serious when parents allow their children to use the social media when they are busy in their daily activities.
There is a race among the individuals of to become more popular on social media. Everyone wants to get the attention of the audience.
This factor forces them to spread rumors and propaganda. People belonging to different religions use different cards to propagate hate against each other.
Anyone can record a video based on antagonistic theme and upload it on social media websites. This demerit may turn social media from a boom into bane.
It would not be wrong if we say that today the privacy of every person is related to its digital social media platforms they use.
Their personal data may be used by the hackers to blackmail you. So privacy is on the stake due to social media. It gives rise to cyber crimes which is a bitter reality of the day.
Our past was based on nature where people used to perform activities in a group or team format. They were more close to nature as they used to visit hill stations, parks, and beaches to entertain themselves.
Now social media has taken over this trend. Hardly few of us use to go to parks for their refreshment and others keep sitting at homes with cell phones in their hands.
As a result, the upcoming generation is not as healthy as their forefather were.
 In past the people were more conceptual as they used to read books by sitting in libraries in their free time. Books added to their knowledge and improving skills critically analyze something.
But with the emergence of social media websites, reading trend is being decreased with every single day passing away.
Above all these facts, we need to develop some methods thorough which one can positively utilize the social media. First of all, one should not be addicted to social media websites by maintaining a balanced use of it.
Secondly, the government of different countries should take steps to curb the cyber crimes. There should be proper legislation about owing a social media website and its usage.
To cut the long story short, we have to admire the role of social media in bringing positive changes in the world. Contrary to this, social media has some demerits which need to be highlighted in order to save the people from the hazards while interacting with their peer on social media.


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