Domestic violence as a social issue

Domestic violence as a social issue

What is domestic violence

Domestic violence is types of violence at the domestic level. Domestic violence takes place among human individuals. Domestic violence takes place among the relations such as marriages, partnerships, employees etc. In domestic violence, a person male or female is not treated like a human. In this scenario, an individual is kept deprived of basic human rights, physical torture, acid deposition etc.

In this article, we are going to discuss Domestic violence as a social issue.

Definition of Domestic Violence

Any act between husbands and wives or between the individuals of any relationship which proves to be harmful physically, emotionally, and mentally is called domestic violence.

Abuse between partners may be of many forms. For example, verbal abuse, emotional abuse. Limited or sometimes complete access to any sources important for living, imposing sanctions on different activities, assault, sexual harassment, etc.

In severe conditions, it can result in the death of individuals. Domestic violence is not gender specified. As it can be done by any gender in a mutual relationship.

Historical background of Domestic violence

In the past, people were highly dependent on their religious beliefs, traditions, and culture. Which promoted the assault of women by men. Because men were considered the most superior.

In ancient civilizations, the husband was allowed to deal with his wife as he wanted. if the wife found guilty or not. Even there were such laws that allowed men to do whatever they want. In any matter, women’s consent had no importance.

The 19th century witnessed some legislation in favour of women. It helped in improving the status of women.

Types of domestic violence

Many people think that violence means injuring the body. But there are many different types of domestic violence. The violence of any kind harms the body. Or the soul.

Physical violence

Physical violence includes the following…

  • If someone hurts you.
  • If someone pushes you or stumbles.
  • If someone kisses you.
  • And you can’t breathe

Emotional violence

Emotional violence includes following…..

  • If someone insults you.
  • If someone decides who you can meet.
  • If someone decides what you should wear.
  • If someone scares you.
  • Or threatens you:
  • That he will have children.
  • That he will hurt you.
  • That he will send you away.
  • Out of the house Or even out of the country.

Sexual violence

Sexual violence includes following conditions

  • If someone touches you and you don’t want them to.
  • If you are expected to touch someone and you do not want to.
  • If someone forces you to watch pornography.

Isolation as domestic violence

  • If someone imprisons you.
  • If you are not allowed to go alone.
  • If you are not allowed to use the telephone.
  • If you are not allowed to talk to other people.

How does Domestic violence prevail in society?

It has become a worldwide problem nowadays. Therefore it is difficult to measure its actual extent. The reason behind this issue is that the victims in major proportion hesitate to report. Several reasons are responsible for this.

For instance their economic status in society and political links. However, the behaviour of law enforcement institutes toward the victims also contributes to this hesitation.

In some parts of the world, people do not have access to institutes. So they never report their case for justice. Therefore it is more important to rely upon the statistics of domestic violence from public surveys. As the data obtained from hospitals, police stations, and any other governmental institutes is not authentic.

According to different surveys conducted in the United States, the ratio of these sorts of cases is increasing with a ratio of almost 16 percent every 10 years. Nearly the same statistics are in other nations including, Canada and New Zealand.

Causes of Domestic violence

The ratio of cases of domestic violence is higher in married couples. There are several factors for this violence such as economic and social problems, the social structure within a culture, religious traditions, etc.

For example, in male-dominated societies, women are always considered a bot inferior to men which ultimately results in the oppression of women.

In some parts of the world, such as African tribes, traditional rituals also invigorate the sense of domestic violence.

For instance, if a female or male reaches the age of maturity, he or she will have to prove it by doing something dangerous, such as sleeping with poisonous organisms, tattoo formation on the skin with the help of a spiky instrument, and deformation of body parts.

In some cases, an individual is found suffering from some sort of disorder. Which may be personality and antisocial personality disorder. Even they do not regret it. Because people with such disorders are not capable of feeling guilty about what they do.

Consequences of domestic violence

Consequences or effects may be short term or long term. It depends upon the extent of brutality the victim’s face. Talking about physical injuries, it includes cuts, bruises, and sometimes broken bones, wounds, miscarriages, and death as well.

The victims may have psychological disorders. This disorder results in excessive eating, loneliness, and alcoholism. Research statistics describe the worst effect of violence on children. As it leaves a strong effect on their physical and mental health. In a society where women are subordinated, the majority of victims are females.

Legislation against Domestic violence

Nowadays the trends have changed as there are so many programs both for offenders and victims. In these programs, they are treated to avoid domestic violence.

In war-affected countries, there are shelters for battered women. And they feel safe there. They also give counselling for them and their children.

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Domestic violence is considered a crime in all 50 states of the U.S.A. There are funds from the federal states. These funds are used for the local programs to combat domestic violence.

How to stop and avoid domestic violence

Domestic violence cannot be stopped by Law and order enforcement agencies. To stop domestic violence we as a victim have to raise the voice against it. Here are the following suggestions that need to be implemented in order to avoid or stop domestic violence.

  • Talk to someone you trust.
  • Talk to a friend about it.
  • Or work with a partner.
  • Talk to a social worker at the residence.
  • Go to the police.

Therefore we need to understand that this is not a private matter and take a stand against it as it is an important issue to discuss.

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