How to build character and personality

How to build character and personality

Everybody wants to know How to build character and personality? In psychology, the study of personality is an interesting subject, it is very difficult to have a clear definition of personality. 


When we ask about the personality of a friend then we respond immediately in which we mention here how much of our friendship is intelligent and time-consuming.
Many of these traits are permanent, but as time goes on, changes do occur, and based on these traits, one person looks at the other and in each case exhibits different attitudes and roles.
If one’s personality is correctly known then one can predict what that person will do in certain situations. The permanent qualities of a human being are those that develop over a long period of time, and the changes occur very slowly.
And the speed of change is measured over the years. There is a temporary condition that changes after every few minutes.
Permanent qualities of the human being continue to influence his temporal quality. If a man begins to adopt his particular attitude, then he too becomes a part of his personality.
For example, if one person gets irritated at the conversation, then everyone adds to his perception of his personality and his anger.
 When the diamond is taken out of the mine, it is simply a piece of stone. An expert carves it into highly valuable diamonds.
It depends on the diamond merchant to transform the shape of the diamond while the human being is a living creature. The most important thing about his personality is his will if something should be molded into which his parents, teacher, and friends want.
Then nothing in the world can force him to do so. How can the human’s permanent attributes be crafted as wished, so that he can become a perfect model of personality?
In this article, we will mention some of these attributes today which can be helpful for a human being in figuring out his personality.
Educational level
Most important of all, what helps us determine the quality of a person’s personality is his level of education. There are only two ways to raise the educational level, namely, study or observation and experience.
Through observation, the human being gains the knowledge that others have discovered and enhances it through experience.
In order to achieve this goal, a human being should gain knowledge from the company of scholars and deep reading. The knowledge gained from this study should be tested on the practical experience test.
There is also a temptation associated with intelligence and knowledge, and it is the temptation of pride and arrogance that a human being is more intelligent or has greater knowledge, considers others inferior, no matter he is right.
Whenever such an idea comes up, we should think about how we got this knowledge in the end. If we did not create it ourselves, then it should not be owned by us so that other people can also relate to it. This is a sign of successful people with well-established character and personality.
How to build character and personality
The intelligence is one of the things that can be added to a human being is a gift given by nature or it would be fair to say that it can improve its reception.
There are also some misconceptions about the mantra, according to them it is believed that men are more intelligent than women, rich is more than poor, educated more than uneducated, etc.
There are a number of tests available in the world called IQ or Intelligent Tests for measuring your intelligence. There are many tests available on the Internet that can measure your intelligence to some extent.
There are ways to raise your academic level. In addition to knowledge, intelligence can also be filled in. Many games have been invented to improve mental abilities.
These skills can be improved by playing appropriate games of interest as well. Parents and teachers should continue to advise their students on subjects and games to enhance their students’ intelligence, as well as their ability to analyze.
In humans, as they grow apart from the world mental abilities do not become functional as people who go through all kinds of experiences develop their mental capacity better.
That is why it is said that children who are raised in different cultures from their parents’ culture there is a great deal of self-esteem and intelligence in them.
How to build character and personality
Creativity is the ability of a human being to create new ideas and brings innovations to these ideas. Unfortunately, our society discourages creative thinking, as it likes a child or person who is obedient to others, completes their work on time, people like it, and is popular among others.
In contrast, we did not like children who ask too many questions who are independent in their thinking and decision making, who hold on to their beliefs, are preoccupied with something, and are unacceptable to anyone.
The first type of child we consider to be a good child and the second type of child is considered equal. In our educational environment, creative thinking is discouraged.
For example, if a child answers his or her own questions in the field they are given low marks. On our TV and radio telecasts, they test memory rather than thinking ability.
Innovation or creativity refers to mixing or reorganizing ideas into existing or traditional ways of living, etc. Older things or ideas are seen in new ways in the creative work done in the world.
For example, when Newton saw apple falling, this process was neither unique to Newton nor to anyone else, but Newton saw this process in a special way, giving it new meaning and thus invented the Law of Gravity.
Strength and self-esteem
How to build character and personality
If a person intends to do something but cannot fulfill it, it is said that it lacks in will power and self-confidence.
Self-esteem means that whatever time it takes for a person to make a firm decision in his or her intentions, but withdrawing from one decision at a time, can undermine a person’s credibility in the eyes of others.
Likewise, the person who does not trust himself, is not trusted by other as well. The way to improve my power of intention is to advise my mind that I am capable of doing this.
Like I can make speeches or I can play this game or I can talk to a senior officer with confidence, etc.
As you succeed in these challenges, your self-esteem will gradually increase and in the short run you will find that you have developed a certain level of confidence about an important aspect.
But, it should not be overstated. Some people are overly confident in their true abilities and make big promises and when they are not able to fulfill them, their personality is degraded in the eyes of others.
How to build character and personality
In order to improve the personality of the country, it is necessary to create a desire for living and a dedication to success.
A person who does not have the dedication to success can do no small thing. The way to cultivate a sense of accomplishment within myself is to consider why God sent me in this world.Have a small challenge in front of it and learn to be happy with your small achievements.
If I have failed then it will not necessarily be the same tomorrow. One of the bright side of failure is that man has the opportunity to analyze his flaws.
His expectations about success do not make him too unrealistic. He becomes very emotional and he fails to break down if he fails.
One of the most important aspects of a human being is his habits. Habits are the same behavior of a human being under which he responds in the same way to certain situations.
Even after the age of twelve, the personality of a human being continues to develop, so the dignity of the people is very rapid.
As a person becomes addicted to eating, staying awake, fulfilling sexual desire, and other human life-specific behaviors about other matters of life.
If you are going through this age of how to build character and personality or are about to pass, take in life good habits and avoid bad habits, it will be special for you to start building a personality with the guidance of your teachers and good friends.
Get over bad friends is very important no matter how good you think they are because it causes bad habits to grow strong. For the principle of success, it is important that we adopt small habits.
By adopting small habits, we get the opportunity that we meet them in a short amount of time, resulting in a rewarding station.
This improves our morale and we grow from a small goal to a larger goal with a passion. It answers how to build character and personality.
If you have gone through this age, changing bad habits can be difficult, but doing so is essential to living a good life. You can overcome these bad habits with your self-esteem.
In this regard, a psychologist can also be consulted if needed. Making a list of bad habits is a daunting task, but we are so conscious of good and evil that we can differentiate between good and bad habits and that’s where success lies.
There are many qualities to achieving success. but in this article how to build character and personality, we have mentioned some of the specific qualities by which we can build a strong character with an attractive personality.

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