How to write Essay-Best tips for Beginners

How to write Essay-Best tips for Beginners


How to write an Essay

Today we are going to discuss rules about how to write an essay. As we all know that essay writing is an art and art requires some professional skills. The latest discusses the main points for essay writing.

Tips for essay writing

  • First of all, we should carefully select our essay topic because it matters a lot it does not matter what type of essay we are going to write.
  •  After selecting the topic The first thing we need to do is concentrate on the topic to make sure whether you can handle it or not.
  • Now generate some ideas to write your essay
  • Now make your offline which should be elaborative so that the reader or examiner could make an early judgment about your essay.
  • Write your introduction in a concise manner with logical arguments as there is no need to beat about the bush.
  • Now the body of the essay should be written in a paragraph. Every argument in the essay should be discussed in a separate paragraph.
  • In the end, it’s time to make some impact by providing your stance while concluding the discussion.
  • give the final reading to your essay to highlight  And correct the errors.

Rules for essay writing

as an essay is an elaborative form of discussion where we need to consider some rules given below to write a perfect essay.
  • Essay means to attempt to discuss something in detail
  • Avoid unnecessary detail by giving a direct answer to your arguments or questions
  •  for this purpose language should be simple
  • elaborative manner of self-expression should be used
  • Your sentence should neither be too long too short
  •  logical and rational arguments made by you increase the impact factor of your essay
  • While writing an essay you should maintain connectivity and coherence in your ideas and language


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What to avoid in essay writing

  • The topic should never be defined but  discuss it
  • I and we should not be used in essay
  • Complex sentences and slang words should always be avoided
  • Don’t add an authentic Fact and figures
  • the phrasal verb should be as minimum as possible
  •  abbreviate words like don’t, can’t, won’t it should be avoided
  •  the word like guys, babe  should never be used


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