Precis writing- How to write precis

Precis writing- How to write precis

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In this article, we are going to learn precis writing.

The word precis is derived from the English word “precise”. It is a French form of precise and in Latin, it means ‘Cut short”. Precis can be defined as “a short written content in a connected and readable shape”.
It can also be defined as the re-expression of someone’s ideas in a more understandable format. Precis writing is a bit more technical than writing Essays or stories.
It depends upon someone’s skills, which varies among individuals. Greater the professionalism a person has, the better is the impression he creates.
Precis mostly is included in competitive examinations as it is considered a test of the general intelligence of a participant.


Tips for precis writing

 A precis should be written by using one’s own words and should not be as same as original content
 All the content should be written clearly without losing its relevancy to the topic.
 The precis content should be written in 3rdperson indirect form without adding personal views.
 Past tense should be used while writing a precis except for the universal truth.
 if a precis consists of several aspects then each aspect should deal with different paragraphs.
 After writing the precis, give it revision to compare it to the original content to check the similarity.
 if you find any similarity, underline it and again try to write it in your own wording that seems to be more relevant.
 If there is a conversation or dialogue then it precis should be narrative in nature.
 A precis should be a maximum of one-third of the original paragraph.
 To limit the length of precis all unnecessary adjectives and adverbs may be omitted.
 The conjunction may also be replaced with a semi-colon if not necessary.
Why precis is written 
In a busy and fast lifestyle of today no one has enough time to read content completely such as in business firms etc. Therefore a person always wants to save his time by having a look at the salient feature of what he is to read.
So a precis is written with the purpose to reduce the time for readers to read in an understandable way. While writing a precis one should always keep in mind that the reader has never read the original content.

Essential of a good precis writing

A precis should be eye-catching at the very first look and should have an outline of a passage, the important points, and so on. The reader must not feel anything missing in content. A good precis must contain the following essentials qualities:
(1)        Only the important points should be selected as a central idea only stands out
(2)        The main characteristic of a precis is all about it conciseness
(3)        No compromise should be made on a sequence of events. The order of events or points from the original must be maintained in precis as without the order the precis is of no worth.
(4)        Clarity matters a lot in a precis. So avoid making your precis confused and irritating to the reader
(5)        The precis should be a literacy piece having unity and sequence by processing continuity and avoiding transitions from one point to another

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