Review article-What is a review article

This article is about the review article and its components. This article will make you able to write a review article without taking seeking any help.


Review article


Ø    Sometimes called secondary literature

Ø    based on an existing published paper

Ø    It does not report new research

Ø    summarize the existing literature on a topic

Ø    It creates an understanding of the topic for the reader

Ø    You need to read several original research articles on the same topic

Ø  synthesizes the results from several primary literature papers

Ø  Scientists  commonly use reviews to communicate

Ø  The emphasis of a review paper is interpreting the primary literature on the subject

Ø  it does not provide any new research

Process done while writing a review article


—   Search the topic

—   select important terms

—   extract the topic

—   write useful material

Types of review article writing


       Narrative/literature review

  • It must be a  scholarly paper   
  •   it explains the existing knowledge on a topic based on all published research

Systematic review

  • Search for answers to a particular question in the   existing scientific literature on a topic

Meta review

Compares and combines the findings of  previously published studies

Review articles teach about


  •   main people working in a field
  •   recent major advances and discoveries
  •   significant gaps in the research
  •   current debates
  •   ideas of where research might go next                    





  •  critically analysis  of previously published literature
  •   to provide the idea in a short way
  •   logically evaluate the main theme

How long should it be?


  •   word limit usually ranges from 3000-5000 words
  •   in some case, longer or short review paper depends on the journal

why we write review articles?


  • A review article is very easier

  • you don’t need to do significant research by yourself

  • while the research paper required a lot of research and too much time consume

Components of a review article


 Title page


—   Name and date

—   the course number for additional requirements

—    Paper ID

Ø Abstract


— A brief summary of the review article

—  it should include the main points of the review



     This part consist of three things

Ø      Introduce your topic


—  Background information

—  Define terms that may be unfamiliar to the reader

—  Scope of discussion

—  Purpose of writing

   State your topic relevance


—  Important to briefly address the topic

— Relevance helps the reader to familiar with the topic

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