Role Of Motivation and Determination in our life

Role Of Motivation and Determination in our life

According to the Great Philosopher Aristotle about Motivation and Determination.

We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, therefore, is not an act but a habit.


This statement explains if we want success we need to make it our habit what is required to be successful. And habits are not always easy to get going as with the passage of time we start getting bore of continuously doing it.

A stage comes when we completely give up all of our efforts and become demoralized which is a natural process and almost every single person faces in life.

After some time we meet a successful person who makes us feel our importance by telling about his hardships in achieving his goals.

Suddenly we feel new energy from inside and we become hopeful of restarting our efforts. This energy is called motivation. Hence motivation can be defined as.

It is an inner energy that forces us to do something for achieving our set goals.

Motivation helps us in many ways.

We feel a new spark of energy to get things done

We start following yes I can formula.

There are several reasons to get motivated such as living with low self-esteem, purpose, and directionless life, Depressions and obstacles, etc. All these factors result in a lack of motivation which can have adverse effects on our life.

There is a concept that motivation is all about completing work tasks. We all are motivated about something even if it’s to lie in bed when we are ill.

A patient definitely does not like sleeping every time on a bed but he does. A prisoner motivates himself to spend years in prison.

A student motivates himself to study, a player is motivated to get going with his practice. Therefore, we can say that motivation is merely a strong desire to do something whether we feel we should or shouldn’t. We are always experiencing that feeling on a regular basis.

Motivation Vs Determination

what if we compare role of motivation and determination in our life?

There are two things to go for when we are hopeless, motivation and Determination. Some of us go for both these qualities and some choose one of these. Both have their own worth and limit too.

Motivation is good for a person but it lasts for a short period as things get done. A person during his life faces situations when he totally becomes hopeless and gives up putting his efforts to achieve his goal. Therefore it is not possible for him to get motivated always by someone.

Here comes the determination which is also called will power. It can be defined as the force built inside someone to do something difficult or impossible for him.

There are so many examples where people did what was almost impossible for them too. Some psychologists relate it to internal motivation as people need no one to come and motivate them.

Determination is their inbuilt firm belief that pushes and give them enough energy to make their impossible, possible. Determination works best even in the worst conditions where motivation by others does not work for people.

For example, a heart patient is given a few month’s time to live by doctors and this is the type of situation where the patient cannot be motivated by anyone.

Now he has two options left for him, wait for death or get up and defeat his illness by doing hard work beneficial for his heart problem. If he chooses the second option this is internal motivation as he himself is motivating.

Fear as motivation and determination

Sometimes our fear works as our motivator though not always sustainable. Because when fear loses it’s the power we may start floundering.

Our fear motivates us to do something in a case when we find our self getting extra fat. We decide to join a gym to get rid of this fat and the weight starts dropping slowly and steadily.

This type of motivation is sometimes called extrinsic motivation as our eye is on the reward and not on the task. For example, a student is asked to make an assignment which is something he hates about.

He set a timer for half an hour to complete his task. After this, he sits down with a nice cup of coffee and does something that he enjoys.

Motivation is good until we don’t completely depend on it. Therefore we should believe that sometimes we are tested not to show our weaknesses but to discover our strengths.

Role of Health Factor

Every human being in the world wants to be always healthy so that no disease can touch him, he can eat whatever he wants and live for thousands of years, but this desire of every human being is not fulfilled because as long as he is healthy.

it is the most important thing and sometimes a person does not have any personal involvement. Because many people inherit diseases from the mother’s womb or after birth.

For example, the mother or father has diabetes. Many children suffer from these diseases from birth. Hearing loss is not a disease. But some people may be born deaf and live with the disease for the rest of their lives.

On the other hand, a healthy family When a child is born, that healthy child is brought up by the will of the parents for some time. But later lives a life of his own free will without eating and abstaining. This is the point that many diseases of childhood are caused by not abstaining.

Role of habits in developing motivation and determination

Many years ago today, a Chinese philosopher said that

Success will kiss the steps of those who change their habits step by step.

It is necessary to take the first step for a long march, which prolongs one’s life, that is, one gets tired of uniformity one day, so one should think of tomorrow and take a step today.

The second thing is that change never comes by itself. And for this man has to change himself by giving up many of his habits.

Step by step mastering the invincible factors leads to the formation and formation which leads to change. For instance, if a man stays in one place. It will become a pit of stone that will be tripped by anyone.

Therefore, the movement has been declared very important for human beings. It is true that it is not easy to change the habit. Because sometimes the surrounding environment gets in the way, sometimes poverty, disease. , Stress, education, upbringing, and other factors hinder a person’s life.

So never carry out your plans in the event of a sudden disaster. 

Everyone knows that sitting idle does not solve any problem. Idle sitting is also a disease. As a result, a person gets lost in these thoughts and gives birth to negative thoughts. He tries to do many wrong things.

Contrary to all these negative things or actions, if a person pays more attention to his health and proper diet. It provides required energy to achieve success.

More importantly, exercise is the key to success. It is true that life is not easy because life is a new battle every step of the way.

Recognize your abilities and make an unwavering decision that I will not waste my life. I will make things easier for myself as well as for others.

Then there is no human being who does not walk with you step by step but encourages thousands of your actions. Therefore, it is important that a man should be fully aware of his destination, goals, and initiatives.

Man’s morals are his greatest weapon. Soft tone, humility, and endurance play an important role. Motivate your mind in such a way that there is no need for training.

Motivation does not only mean exercise, yoga. Do fitness or jogging but keep yourself calm in any situation, be it domestic, job or shopping, never lose patience and endurance.

On the other hand, a healthy diet, ie, foods rich in vitamins keep the human brain motivated because it is the diet that keeps a person fit and he has the courage and strength to walk four steps.

The real purpose of motivation is to look at everyday life.  Everything in the world can only be achieved realistically and by planning, and for good results.

There must be a substance of feeling inside a person, says an American psychologist who knows his goals. No, he can never succeed.

George Bernard Shaw said that a man who cannot change his thinking and mind, cannot change anything.

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