Women’s Rights as a Social Issue in Our Society

Women’s Rights as a Social Issue in Our Society


Introduction to women’s rights as a social issue

In this article, we are going to discuss a very important social issue about women’s rights as a social issue. It has been since ancient times, a woman is not given the rights as same as men.

Women Rights Definition

So by definition women’s rights, are rights that establish equal status as for men. These include social, economic, and political rights. These rights decide the status of women in society. As she will not face discrimination in either aspect of life.

Women’s rights in the past

Until the 20th century, women in most societies were deprived of some of the legal and political rights. During the earlier civilizations, people believed that women’s only roles were as mothers and wives.
The deep-seated cultural beliefs forced the women of that period to live with a very limited role in society. Instead of their involvement in daily life affairs,   consider suited for childbearing at homemaking.
Women were inferior to men, it is the only belief main Sporting societies to limit women’s basic rights. Even in some societies, women were not allowed to learn domestic skills and get educated.
As a result, education was accorded to men only. Hence well educated upper-class men got hold of most positions of employment and power in society.

Efforts for women’s rights

19thcentury met only occasional protests and drew the attention of most people. Lack of education and poor economic situation were the main factors abstaining women from challenging their basic rights.
18thcentury had witnessed some theorists raising voices in favor of women. They stated that all men and women have equal rights.
Talking about Europe and North America, the respective governments also contributed. Governments began to formulate new laws for women. These laws guaranteed equality among men. Efforts made by different organizations for women to achieve greater rights occurred in two phases.
The first began in the mid-19thcentury to deal with rights such as the right to vote. In the second phase, this crusade got momentum during the 1960s. This was the time when African-American struggle to gain racial superiority. This factor inspired women to vivify their struggle for equality.
In the United States, the religious revolution during the mid of 19th century invigorated the movement of women’s rights. The women from the lower middle class joined to put their efforts forward. The purpose behind this was to reinforce the concept of women are as equal as men in a social system.
This way, American women became involved in many social and moral reform campaigns. These include improving the living standards to protect the prostitutes. This also accounts for an increase in the wages of labor women, etc.
They also stood to uproot the main causes responsible for extremism for women. For example, alcoholism. Lucretia Coffin Mott and Elizabeth Cady Stanton were the most important women in this regard. These ladies supported the different movements for women’s rights.
In 1848, many efforts made by different organizations for women’s rights. One of the best laws in this list is women’s share in the property. Which works for the legislation of institutes to pass the laws that at least gave security to have their share in the property.
States passed different laws In favor of women. These laws limit work hours and abolishing night work for women. In 1920, the constitution of the United States was amended by allowing women to cast the vote.
In 1960, during the second phase of the struggle for women’s rights. Women were gathered under the platform of the women’s bureau of the Department of Labor. As a result, a new law was passed. This law deals with employment discrimination. It also deals with legal inequality, insufficient support for working women, and unequal pay.

Efforts for women’s rights at the international level

At the international platform, The International Congress of Women asked for equality of access. This access emphasis on very basic rights. These basic rights include education, food, and moral status.
Another organization known as Equal Rights International worked for approval of the law. That law institutes equal rights for both genders. In 1975, United Nation launched the Decade for women. It means a ten-year effort plan to focus on women’s issues.

Status of women’s rights as a social issue

The status of women’s rights in the present world depends upon the location. It also depends on religious, moral, and social values. And the type of government in the respective countries also matters.
Recently women in developed countries are living with almost equal rights as men. This can be said as in 2005, there were 12 female national leaders in the world. Ratio includes 8 heads of state and 4 heads of government.
Now in the civilized world of today, women’s rights as a social issue have been accepted. Women have reproductive rights. Although these vary from country to country. Even the right like Abortion is legal in some parts of the world.
Nowadays in highly populated and economically stable countries, women have complete freedom to live their lives according to their own ways.

Current situation of women’s rights in the world

But still, women are deprived of basic rights in many parts of the world. Mostly in Asian and African countries. Therefore this struggle for women’s rights will be in progress. We all need to pass and implement the same laws in our system.
Certain customs against women’s esteem still exist in the world. This is all due to less education and poor social systems. Organizations working for women need to highlights these.
A woman is an integral part of any society. Without a woman, we cannot make the world civilized. If women get no basic rights this will be like injustice. So societies with no justice never gain the status of civilized societies.
At this point, it is necessary to examine why women have no importance. They have such an important role to play in creating and corrupting society. If women are the foundation of a society, then why not support them.
If a woman is good then the state will be good too. If it is bad, it will be bad too. Just as the strength of a building can be assessed by looking at a pillar.
Similarly, the greatness and pride of a nation relate to the status of women in society. Now if this pillar of society is strong. Then the roof of peace and prosperity of the nation can be laid on it.
Therefore, we all need to focus on it as this is really a serious social issue. For this purpose, we have to educate people. 


What are current women’s issues?

The most popular current women’s issues are as follows.

  • Domestic violence
  • Acid Attacks
  • Lower employment rates
  • Gender discrimination
  • Instability 
  • Harassment

In some Asian and African countries, women are even deprived of basic rights such as food, shelter, etc.

Do women have equal rights?

No this is not true when we talk globally. In the whole world, almost all women are deprived of specific rights. There are so many cases of women’s rights violations that are never reported even. In civilized nations, however, women have access to rights as equal to men. But there are other nations on the globe where even basic women’s rights are not available.

What were women not allowed to do?

In past, the women’s rights violation was on an extreme level. In past the women were not given the status of society members. They were treated worse than the slaves as they never got the salary. Women were not allowed to cast votes. They were forced to live like a slave They were not allowed to eat a reasonable diet.

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