Manage your time-Time management

manage your time
This article is about how to manage your time. The right use of time is to gain control of life for all success. To gain control over life, you must manage your  time and use it in the best way.

Every single moment of our time is an invaluable and precious asset. Time is one of the most precious blessings bestowed by Allah Almighty. As precious as time is, it passes away like melting ice.
Time cries out every moment: O son of Adam! I am a valuable asset. I am a witness to your deeds. If you want to get something from me, do it۔

Otherwise, I will not return until the Day of Resurrection. The fact is that every deficit in the world can be compensated but the time wasted cannot be compensated. The value and importance of time in the lives of rich people and the bright principles of spending it are found.

Historians have always valued time and valued every single moment, then they got a place and status. People who do not waste time Always thrive. The key to success in this world and in the hereafter is the value of time and the best planning.
There is evidence of punctuality in the system established by Allah Almighty. Everything revolves in its own orbit without wasting time.

The sun, the moon, the stars all rise and set at their appointed times. The whole world system is running on time. Assuming that the whole system of the universe speaks of the importance and necessity of time.
And the nations who value time, they turn deserts into the gulch, they take over the skies, they can tear apart the livers of the mountains.

Time and the world kiss their footsteps, but nations that waste time are enslaved by time and they are at a loss in religion and the world. It is said that the real wealth in the hands of man is his time. He who wastes time wastes everything.

Time cannot be bought or stored. It is a flowing river and the wave that passed through it cannot return. No one’s childhood can be restored and no one’s youth can be regained.

One of the keys to success is how you manage your time. Successful people use their time for the best ideas and goals. While the failing ones are always crying for lack of time while there is no such thing as time-lapse.
Everyone has time for important tasks anyway. A successful person has 24 hours and does not have to be extracted or acquired.
The same is true that a successful person uses his time only on the right things and achieves great success while the failing person has time to do the unnecessary and unimportant tasks.
Time is precious, more valuable than wealth, more valuable than everything else in the world as you can always have more wealth than ever, but when time runs out, you will never regain it. So learn to manage your time.
Time is like ice if melted once considered as waste. Time cannot be extended and cannot be saved but can be utilized only.
Learn how to use time effectively for success so that you can be more successful and prosperous. Time is wealth, so use it as money. The following can be taken advantage of.
Just use your time wisely, to do the tasks that are really important to achieve the goals Ask yourself a question can I do something better than that which will lead me to my destination? Therefore do only those tasks which could lead you towards your goal.
For the best use of time, it is important that you plan the tasks in advance. Now the more stress you have on planning, the less time it takes to put into practice.
According to research, one minute of planning saves you ten minuets of practice. Better planning makes you think better and achieve more success. It is of more worth to script your planning on a page.
Start each day under a program or plan. Do not start the day unless you know what you need to do and do not start the week until you know that this week.
According to experts, Weekly planning is better than daily planning. By creating a list of different tasks daily at the same time each night, your consciousness will stay on track to complete your project and find good ways.
This list must also include some of the most important tasks, as well that will take you closer to your destination.
Most of us try to do a lot of things at the same time which results into frustration and they give up. One of the basic and effective principles of time management is to do one task at a time. Focusing on this principle, more work can be done within short range of time.
One of the principles of time management is to set the time for completion of each task, ie when the work will be completed.
According to Parkins, work is spread according time. If you have ten days then the work will be completed in 10 days and if you have five days then the work will be completed in five days.
We spend a lot of time waiting for the someone, especially at the wedding ceremonies that always start late. Sometimes you go to meet someone on time, but the other person is late.
Sometimes you are stuck in the long line. In these cases a lot of time is wasted. It may be worthwhile to keep a booklet notebook and plan, etc.
At such moments you can study a book or magazine or prepare your notes if you are a student.
Although the important thing is to do one task at a time otherwise because of the lack of attention work remains incomplete.
But sometimes doing two tasks at a times can be time saving. For instance, you can watch TV while doing exercise or cooking in Kitchen.
For the best use of time, it is important to follow the time as by doing so you can save a lot of important time and feel relax.
One of the major obstacles in the way of using time optimally and to make the most of it is the habit of postponing. Postponement means deferring the work that needs to be done. Therefore it must be avoided.
Time is important but time management is something most important for anyone to be successful in life.