Role of emotions in life

Role of emotions in life

Role of emotions in life

Emotions, what are emotions? What is the role of emotions in life? How important these are for us? These are a few common questions in every person’s mind to be answered.

The term emotion also refers to the feeling. Psychology defines it as a typical change of mindset with an irregular pulse rate or a set of feelings that everyone faces at either stage of their life.

Emotions are also responsible for certain fluctuations in glands secretions causing many other changes such as body temperature, memory, or association. All of these changes lead to anger, love, fear, etc.

These can be developed from both internal and external stimuli. Internal stimuli often regarded as negative ones which include the death of loved ones, higher status.

According to child psychologist John Watson, infants are capable of three emotions including memory, association, or introspection.

Some other psychologists suggest that these emotional conditions can also be conditioned as in the case of a child learning at the initial stage.

Let us take an example to simplify this concept. In any society, the army personnel is said to be strict in nature irrespective of the type of background they belong to.

This is all because of the environment they spend almost half of their life in. This effect can also be observed in their children as well which attributes more to the child’s behavior. Emotions are something that a child starts learning about from earlier days of life.

While external stimuli include positive ones such as working for personal development, higher social status, etc. 

For example, if a person finds his friends living a well stable life than him and develops a feeling of motivation to reach the level he finds his friend at.

This is an external stimulus that makes it determined enough to strive for success. External stimuli work as a direct cause of emotional development in an individual. 

This causes a controversy that causes anger in a child but may cause fear in an adult. With the rising sense of emotional development, a significant similitude is seen between different types of emotions such as anger or fear.

Fear and anger are also said to be momentary emotional changes include almost many other reactions (secondary reaction)as well. These secondary actions are a sudden increase in a heartbeat in case of acute anger and quaking of limbs or momentary loss of voice in case of fear.

Emotions also influence the hormonal balance in the body. This can be best understood by considering a sudden increase in the power of a person in situations such as a fight.

There are many people who behave as stronger people in case of a fight. Normally, a person not able to lift 20 Kg of weight can pick up and thrown 30 Kg objects in case of anger.

This change corresponds to the increase in testosterone levels. As anger is also an emotional state hence the brain receives the signals to secrete testosterone in higher concentration.

Emotions have a greater role to play in our daily life. Emotions can be motivating or demotivating. It depends on the situation an individual goes through.

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