Appreciation-We must Appreciate Others

Appreciation-We must Appreciate Others

In a rapidly growing world, there is the worst lack of appreciation. Appreciation does not mean helping someone through money. Appreciation can even be in the form of a few supporting words.

Everyone faces a time in his life when circumstances push him towards hopelessness. In such a situation a single word of sympathy proves to be very motivational.

  Appreciation has no specific age restrictions. It is required by someone at every stage of life. But its effects remain always encouraging. Appreciation gives us a feeling of self-trust.

Whenever we become hopeless due to certain conditions appreciation fills us up with more energy and motivation. This energy can be used to further achieve our set goals.

Today I am going to share with you my personal life story which made me realize how good appreciation is for us and our society?

This is a matter of days when I was a tenth-grade student. In my neighborhood, lived a 50 years old man who by profession was a cobbler.

He was such a nice person, although I never liked him so much. My friend and I often used to go to his shop to repair broken shoes. The biggest reason I did not like him was his advice to everyone, including me.

He used to say,

Son, if you want to improve this society, then do not criticize bad things and bad deeds, but you must appreciate good things and good deeds.

It took me nine years to understand his advice. It was November 2017, when I returned home after completing my master’s in Chemistry.

One day, my brother invited me to go hunting with his friends, which I accepted. During the hunt, a friend of my brother Mr. Kashif joined me. During a conversation with him, he received a phone call from his wife.

He attended the call and started talking to his wife. This guy’s style of talking to his wife was so decent that I couldn’t resist praising him. After that, we all returned to homes.

The next morning when I woke up, the same person came to my house to meet me. He told me that I have been a good friend of your brother for ten years.

But in those ten years to date, no one has ever noticed what u did yesterday. And I have decided that I will always be kind to my wife.

That was the moment I understood the advice of that old man (cobbler).

Yes, this is the reality of our society that we always look for opportunities to criticize others. How good would it be if we appreciated the good qualities of each other instead of criticizing it?  I wish it would be so.

Appreciating someone’s work is indeed the way of great people.

Look at the admirable work of others with appreciation. Of course, a few words of your appreciation can give any person encouragement that he can become a successful person by mastering his work.

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There is no reality of appreciation and of course, it is also important.  Because appreciation needs language and language is that thing. If it is sweet and good, then man’s position is high even before Allah Almighty.

The correct use of the tongue is a stepping stone to success in this world and in the hereafter. Therefore, the importance and power of appreciation cannot be denied. It is a sweet made from syrup that makes even a depressed heart happy.

Praise and types of people

There are three types of people living in this world. One is those who, in view of their motives and goals, applaud every good and bad thing and every deed.

In the second category, there are people who love appreciating someone sincerely and unselfishly.

In the third category, They are the so-called people who temporarily take over a place and then all of them look like ants.  They don’t praise anyone and don’t listen to them.

Undoubtedly, it is the style of great people to appreciate one’s greatness and good deeds by putting goals and objectives behind them.

There can be few reasons for not doing what is better for social norms such as being uneducated jealousy etc. But there are multiple factors for doing what is better for society such as peace, love, harmony, development, prosperity, etc.

It is also right that positive criticism is also important to focus on what is better for us. But criticism works best when you are working in a company and your boss wants more improvement. Even positive criticism can affect an individual’s performance badly.

Positive and negative appreciation

Consider a team of Mountaineer heading over a cliff and suddenly a team member points out one of his teammates not following the rules. This will only result in poor confidence.

This will never cause that team member to work more efficiently at all.

However, we can certainly expect a change in behavior. This clearly means that criticism is all about resting the direction and has nothing to do with the motivational approach which leads the people to put their efforts in a more efficient way.

On the other hand, appreciation not only decides the direction but also makes them determined enough to achieve what they always wanted. In a classroom, appreciation works more effectively than punishment or criticism.


 Man has a natural desire to be praised, encouraged, and appreciated. Appreciation is just as essential to moving forward in life as gasoline is to a car. Two words of appreciation give a person the power to achieve something he never thought of before.

The Lord of the Universe Himself has praised many Companions on different occasions. The elders of the religion have always appreciated the good deeds of their followers.

Well-known psychologist William James analyzes that man has a natural desire to be praised, to be encouraged, and to be appreciated. People are more likely to do things that others appreciate.

 Appreciation makes a person behave well, restore their self-confidence, and improve their relationship with the praiser.

Very few people are so high-minded that they have the courage to applaud others. Don’t know why we find it detrimental to praise someone.

 One of the reasons for this may be jealousy, why someone went ahead of us, it is not digested by us. This kind of behavior is to our detriment.

It does not create a good impression of our personality in the hearts of the people. Avoid such behavior and create in yourself the spirit of encouraging others to do good deeds.

As long as you don’t encourage anyone, it doesn’t inspire them to do any great work. There are many famous people in the world who did great deeds just because they were appreciated.

Praise and encourage everyone around you. Whether the employee is a housewife or an office worker or a factory worker, visit him regularly or go to him personally and appreciate him clearly that you did this job better than we expected.

Today we are very happy with you. We must Appreciate the employee’s work from time to time. If he has done something very hard, then applaud him and express your admiration.

Encourage new entrepreneurs, it inspires them to move forward, and eventually one day they succeed. Praise your friends and acquaintances, they will be encouraged to move forward, they will be grateful to you.

 When they find something and in return, they will try to keep you happy.

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Appreciation in relations

The mother-in-law should appreciate the good deeds of the daughter-in-law that you have taken care of my house, my son, and me and your daughter-in-law from time to time.

Doing so increases the respect of the mother-in-law in the eyes of the daughter-in-law and creates a desire to serve more.

The daughter-in-law should also tell the mother-in-law that you treat me very well and give me very good advice at half-time. This increases the mother-in-law’s respect for the daughter-in-law.

Similarly, in a relationship with appreciation has a significant role to play. For example, a husband who praises and appreciates his wife’s contribution and lives a much happier life as compared to a person who does not possess these qualities. 

A child who grows in a supportive environment develops more self-esteem and confidence. Another child who is never appreciated by his family members develops a sense of inferiority which ultimately leads towards his unsuccessful future. 

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When praising someone, do it in clear words so that he knows what is being praised. For example, it is good that you have prayed, you have not taken a bribe, you have done your job honestly or you have done something.

When complimenting, just say goodbye, don’t comment or criticize at this time, keep it up for another time. Praise in a concise and honest way. For example, you helped me with something. Thank you very much for that.

Use common sense words for the compliment that the person in front understands. For instance, you can say this to children.

That you did not make any noise in front of the guests today, did not make any insults, ate well, you are commended for this work.

Praise means giving something to others. If you give something to someone, you also get a lot. So never be stingy in appreciation, and always appreciate others who do good, he will fall in love with you.

We must understand that appreciation is a fundamental psychological need for everyone so we must appreciate others and work for its prevalence in society.

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