Role Of Parents In Our Life

Role Of Parents In Our Life

Nowadays, the world is fighting against coronavirus. This situation has affected almost every field of life. Education, being the most important requirement of life, is not available to children. At this time, the role of parents in or life becomes crucial.

There are two schools of thought when it comes to talking about the parent’s role in child learning. One says that children cannot learn from parents. But other groups of people say that a child learns more at home from his parents. The role of parents in our life is of worth importance.

In the same way, in the current natural disasters, although the threat to humanity but provided us the chance to spend time with our families in fast-moving turmoil. Let us utilize this time doing something we miss in daily busy life routine. For this being parents we can try to improve ourselves. Why not let our children benefit from our presence in all these routines? So as a parent, there are a few things our children can do to succeed forever.

Role in Education

If we observe children, we will find that their behavior is reflected by the parents. The parents’ thinking influences children. That is, the parent-child relationship is a unique companionship. Children learn to understand life from every angle from parents. The role of parents in child education becomes important for children to learn the basic principles of life.

Role At Home

According to psychology, children learn faster while eating. Therefore, the role of parents needs to be played. Talking to your children, especially answering their questions while eating can be helpful for your children to develop their thinking.

When I was a child, I loved playing with my parents especially with my father. Engaging yourself in mental and physical games with children is a better option. The role of parents in children’s life is not confined to only educate and feed them. The parents must also join them in extracurricular activities. These activities can also nurture creativity and curiosity in our children.

The role of parents in our life can also be negative if they behave strictly. Many researchers have revealed that the children facing Intimidation, scorn, beatings, unpleasantness, obstinacy, and criticism at home never develop confidence. This behavior from parents destroys the self-esteem of a child. He gives up doing something new which is very important for child learning.

Therefore parents must respect the child. For example, If a child insists to get him a gift which is not suitable for him, then the role of parents should be teaching them with logic and examples.

Discipline is a very important factor and must be set up according to the principles. Unfortunately, many parents do not play this role with honesty. In our society, this is set up according to the parent’s choice. How can we expect our children to do something, that being parents we don’t? Therefore, parents must be role models for their children.

In the end, we must pray to GOD for those who are directly affected by this epidemic or its effects. we all pray together that the Creator of the universe may save us from this epidemic.


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