Self Improvement and Environment-vivid articles

Self Improvement and Environment-vivid articles

What is self-development or self-improvement? Let us read an inspirational story that explains the relation between environment and self-improvement.

A king walked with his daughter early in the morning for a walk along the river.‎

And there they saw a strange scene. A shepherd was drinking dirty water where the ‎sheep were drinking from.‎

The daughter said, does he not know that this is dirty water and not drinkable? ‎Why is he still drinking?”‎

So the father said, “Daughter, this is all the effect of the environment. Therefore, he is behaving like this. However, the daughter did ‎not accept it. No, Father, there is another reason. Well, the king said,” Daughter, if we ‎change his environment, his way of life will also change.‎

After that, the king took the man to his house, kept him in his palace, fed him with him, and ‎gave him the whole environment to live like himself.‎ It is, therefore, changed his lifestyle.

Certainly, the above Story is Definitely a mirror for those who blame their compulsions ‎behind their inhuman behavior.‎

Subsequently, after some time, the man’s lifestyle changed. One morning, at the breakfast table, ‎the king secretly poured a small lump of clay into his glass, which made the water ‎muddy.‎

When the man saw this water, he put the glass to one side and said I will not drink ‎so much dirty water. Then the king said to his daughter, “Look, daughter, this is the ‎same person.”‎

He who was drinking water with the sheep and his environment changed today. ‎Therefore his life also changed. His lifestyle, behavior, and thinking also affected ‎by the environment.‎

So this is the reality of life that our lifestyle depends upon our surroundings. Can we ‎play with fire? is it possible to live in the middle of the sea forever? How safe it is to eat uncooked food for ‎a long time? Can we do what is not made for us? However, the answer is always going to be ‎no. Because we cannot do something we are not accustomed to. Therefore, we must ‎be careful while selecting a certain type of environment.‎

If we live in an educated community our behavior will be different. what if we live with ‎gangsters, we will be like them. Living alone for a long time we will be silent in nature. therefore we must adopt a reasonable environment. ‎Though exceptions are always there. ‎

Sometimes, we are not like what people predict. There may also be some ‎reasons behind the specific behavior of someone. But great people never lose their ‎credibility and standard.

We need to engage ourselves in the company of people with a positive approach. As it is mandatory for self-improvement. ‎Therefore, for this purpose, we must find the secret of knowing ourselves. ‎

There is a vast secret known to many ages. Thousands of people are waking ‎up to discover it for themselves. This powerful knowledge, therefore, when applied, is enough ‎to turn our troubles into peace.‎

Let us take compare two students in the same class. The first student has a positive ‎community of friends. Second students have a negative friend community. Now ask ‎yourself to compare both in terms of educational success. Definitely, your ‎favorite will be the first one having a good environment around.‎

Hence we all need to focus on what is important and better for self-improvement. The current world is ‎like a global village. There are equal opportunities for us to discover the positive and ‎negative environment. Therefore, we must go where we can get positive ‎communities to equip ourselves with basic tools for a successful life.

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