Definition of Nutritionist

A nutritionist is an expert who provides information and advice about food, health, and diet usually related to healthy people. [1]

Registered nutritionist applies nutrition science in different settings like working with individuals, groups, and communities. The working place of nutritionists is settings like the food industry, teaching, sports, and exercise nutrition and in NGOs. Anyone who has registrants with the UK Voluntary Register of Nutritionist (UKVRN) can call themselves as a registered nutritionist. Qualification is Bs. (Hons) Nutrition or any courses available in nutrition.

Types of Nutritionist

Sports nutritionists

Sports nutritionists work with players and coaches to ensure the good performance of athletes.  They are working with highly physically active people who want to maintain their health condition or gain a high physical achievement with healthy diets like in gym training, sports clubs, sports teams in colleges and universities.  A sports nutritionist also works with athletic trainers to prevent injuries and to recover from injuries.

Community Nutritionists

Community nutritionists work to create awareness in public about nutrition, food health, and other health-related problems. They provide information in different ways by writing articles and books, by conducting seminars, walks, and counseling sessions. They work in non-profit agencies, government agencies, food services manager and in house nutrition.

Food service Nutritionists

They deal with understanding and making meal plans for big institutes like the school’s cafeteria, restaurants, hospitals, and prisons.  They have to follow government rules and regulations regarding health, sanitation, and safety.  Daily inspections are done to ensure that regulatory standards are meetings in the management staff. They have to deal with special dietary concerns and allergies.

Clinical Nutritionists

They work in clinical settings, doctor’s offices, and hospitals. They make diet plans according to the specific dietary needs of patients, medical nutrition therapy, and develop therapeutic methods to treat diseases.

Role of Nutritionist to Improve Health

  • Proper food and nutrition are very important for health and well-being. Our health is based on what we eat? And either we eat according to our eating habits or not. If our eating habits are healthy we face fewer health problems. Here Nutritionist plays a key role, first by assessing our dietary needs; and then change the eating habits and diets according to the health of a client.
  • Nutritionists try to modify the lifestyle of client by counseling. That results in lifetime shifting from unhealthy to a healthy life
  • Provides personalized meal plans within the budget of clients and guides them on how to achieve health goals? Educate them about how portion control? How to make food in a healthy way? How to make healthy food choices? And helps to achieve good health and prevent from developing diseases. If, the disease has been developed then help to reduce complications and improve recovery time
  • Nutritionist’s work is behavior change-oriented and to do this they have to work hard. They have to do counseling sessions, give the motivation to stick to their goal and have to be provided to their client 24-hour services
  • They have to provide the latest scientific-based approach to their clients


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