Rumors as social issue-Types and purposes of rumors

Rumors as social issue-Types and purposes of rumors

Definition of the rumor

Rumor can be defined as “a conversation that generates news that is passed from one person to another without confirmation.” It is a lie and fabricated by itself. Rumors spread like wildfire

The world is currently grappling with the most dangerous and highly “epidemic” epidemic of this century. The epidemic has so far affected about 9.39 million people and killed more than 481K. The rapidity of its spread can be gauged from the fact that in a short span of 36 hours, the epidemic has gripped 100,000 people.


The great powers of the world are not safe from this evil, Europe and America are practically paralyzed at the moment. The catastrophe in China came first and the tremors are still going on. China did what it could, but it gave other countries a lot to learn from its experience.

 Similarly, all the major medical research institutes in the world are working day and night to somehow develop a vaccine against this deadly epidemic.

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All international organizations and the governments of respective countries have sent a clear message that no cure has been invented for this disease and precaution is the only cure.

The virus spreads rapidly from person to person, so social distance is the most effective and perhaps the only way to stop its spread. In this situation, there are many irresponsible people spreading rumors that coronavirus is just an agenda. This is too bad for humanity.

One of the common shortcomings of our society is that we consider it our duty not only to convey every WhatsApp and Facebook message to others without thinking and without confirmation but beyond the intention of reward and charity.


Then, even if our actions do not harm the whole of humanity, we have no interest in it. Surprisingly, the most disturbing thing is that the number of educated people is high.

Spreading rumors is a very popular hobby among teachers and nowadays the evil of coronavirus has closed schools and colleges and given us the opportunity to spread more rumors.


There are many people claiming to discover a cure for corona with a mixture of onion and garlic. It is ok with these natural ingredients.

The problem starts when a person says that according to Dr. Li Wenling of China, drinking something three times a day makes corona run away. And it is also claimed that The news is also available on CNN and the BBC.

 In Pakistan my country, some friends have directly called it a Jewish conspiracy and have argued that there is not a single case of corona in Israel (although this claim is also false). So it is clear that there is a conspiracy against Muslims.


I was just trying to deal with the rumor about corona when I came across another rumor. An audio message came to one of our WhatsApp groups that tonight from 12:30 pm to 3:30 pm your mobile phone will be switched off because the United States is emitting dangerous rays that could endanger your life.

What bothered me more than the rumor was that the friend who shared the message was a science teacher. We may escape the plague, but rumors will kill us.


In today’s world where so many evils and immoralities are eating away at our society, one of the biggest diseases is spreading rumor.

Those who spread rumor may not even realize that at times its negative effects are dangerous for both the society and the state. And the devastating effects of which cannot be avoided even by the rumor mongers themselves.

From the Islamic point of view, spreading rumors in society is the worst crime. Because rumors without any basis not only create hatred and contempt among different sections of the society but also sometimes lead to unwarranted fights and quarrels.

 In view of the deadly and harmful effects of rumors, it is the duty of the citizens of the State not to spread any kind of rumors themselves.

But to keep a close eye on those who spread rumors and not to allow them to spread rumors. Falsehood and falsehood are not only a crime in this world but also in the Hereafter there will be severe punishment for this crime.

Rumors, whether against the government or against any institution, against any member of the society are reprehensible in any case. There are instances in history where the words spread by a few people have caused embarrassment and distress to the entire nation.


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In the time of the Prophet, the hypocrites used to spread rumors. The hypocrites were neither benefactors of the Islamic nation nor of the Islamic State.

They were always on the lookout for an opportunity to attack the Islamic Nation. Especially in these circumstances, when the Muslims were in danger of war, their destructive activities intensified.

 Hypocrites sometimes spread rumors to spread fear and sometimes baseless and exaggerated news to create the wrong kind of satisfaction to hide a real threat.

In order to prevent this, the Qur’an commands Muslims not to spread such unverified news or rumors when they reach them, but to inform the authorities about such baseless news and rumors.

 They should look into such rumors and inform the nation about the situation. If something is true and the people need to be made aware of it, the government will publish the news itself, and will only take action against those who spread unrest or sedition in the society and prevent the harmful effects of rumors.


How rumors are spread in society

Newspapers, radio, and TV are the best means of transmitting news. Some news also reaches from one person to another orally. In the streets, it is often the job of men and women to spread the word. Such people are very famous for their artistry.

Sometimes people make news that is not based on facts. Different nations also spend millions of rupees to prepare such news.

Such news leads to the destruction of nations, and also to the right of the people. A clear example of this is the chaos and corruption in society. We know such news as “rumor”.

To understand a rumor, it is important to look at its causes, types, and effects. Rumors are also usually caused by resentment, tension, and fights between people.

It thrives in a society where ignorance is rampant and the news is not verified, or in a society where facilities such as newspapers, radio, and TV are lacking. Not verifying the news is a big reason for rumors.

Rumors usually cause harm. Spreading any news without confirmation is a sign of irrationality. Sometimes it causes trouble not only for us but also for others. In the Holy Qur’an, too, the Almighty has forbidden the transmission of news without confirmation. It is said:

“O you who believe! If a wicked person comes to you with any news, investigate it, lest you harm a people without knowing it, and then repent for what you have done.”

(Surat al-Hujurat, verse 6)

In this verse of the Holy Qur’an, Allah Almighty has clearly forbidden the transmission of any news without confirmation.

Purposes behind rumors

Spreading the rumor may involve the interests of a few. Some devilish people also spread rumors to create unrest in society. And some people even use rumors to defame a certain person. Rumors spread about things that people are curious to know about.

Reason for the spread of rumors in the society

The following may be the reasons for the spread of the rumor.


One of the main reasons for the spread of rumor is ignorance. Ignorant people accept any news as true and there is no question of research/verification of it. In this way, the news spreads from one person to another person.

Lack of research/verification sources

One of the reasons for the spread of rumor is the lack of research/verification sources. Newspapers, radio, and TV are the only means of verifying news, even if they are not available, the news cannot be verified.


There are some issues or personalities that the public is curious to know about. If there is any news about them, it spreads very fast and without any research.

Extraordinary circumstances

Earthquake In the days of floods, elections, etc., the news spreads very fast.

Types of rumors

Some of the types of rumors are described below.

Political rumors

Rumors are also spread in the run-up to the election to harass the opponent, break his vote, and assert his supremacy. Governments also use rumors to make things better.

War rumors

In the days of the war, rumors are also used to prove the power of the enemy and to create unrest among their people. Agents are used to spreading rumors.

Personal rumors

Rumors also circulate about celebrities who are famous. Most of the people who spread rumors about them are ordinary people just for fun. Rumors are usually spread about actors and actresses.

Exam rumors

Rumors are spread to harass people on exam days. There are also evil minds behind them who spread such news.

The purpose behind spreading the rumors

Behind any rumor lies the purpose of a particular person, individual, or organization. So the rumor is also spread through a deliberate plan. Rumors about religion spread very quickly because the majority of people in every society are inclined towards religion.

 Rumors about religion are only meant to spread confusion among the people. The United States has also used rumors to invade Iraq and Afghanistan. These rumors were first spread by the United States and then the war started.

Rumors spread in Iraq that they had deadly weapons that they wanted to misuse. Based on this rumor, the European powers sided with the United States in invading Iraq. It later emerged that Iraq did not have a single weapon.


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The two examples mentioned above prove that nations use rumors for their own purposes and rumors lead to the destruction of nations.

Mobile phones are very common nowadays. Every rich, poor, literate, illiterate person is within reach. The use of SMS service has also become common.

In such cases, SMS has become a means of spreading rumors. There are often read SMS that is fabricated. But they are forwarded without confirmation.

Sadly, the only means of research or verification of any news are “newspapers, TV, internet, mobile, etc.” which are being used to spread rumors.

Therefore, it is important that any news is confirmed after hearing it and then passed on to someone else. Governments and the general public will have to take strong measurements in order to eliminate this social issue in the world.



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