Dowry Meaning-Curse of dowry in the society

Dowry Meaning-Curse of dowry in the society

Today our society is becoming a hotbed of all kinds of evils. Due to which the eternal wealth of peace and tranquility, humanity, tolerance, mutual love, and brotherhood is being lost. One of the biggest challenges facing our society today is the “curse of dowry”. Therefore, it is necessary to understand the dowry meaning.

Dowry meaning 

By definition, The dowry given by the parents in the marriage of the daughter (on-demand or without demand) is called dowry.

Marriage practices in the subcontinent can be used to understand the dowry meaning. In Asian countries like Pakistan, India, and Bangladesh dowry meaning is taken as an integral part of marriage.


What is an example of a dowry?

Giving daily useable things to daughters at the time of marriage. For example bedding, utensils, chairs and other equipment, etc. It is a curse that we have been hearing since childhood but no one is ready to end this curse. It is also a bitter truth.


Thousands of sisters and daughters are left at home because their parents do not have the money to pay the dowry. The custom of giving dowry has been going on since ancient times.

 Dowry is given in different forms in each country and region but usually consists of jewelry, clothing, cash, and utensils for daily use. Among the Muslims of the Indian subcontinent, this ritual entered due to Hindu influences and took the form of a curse.

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Giving dowry is not a bad thing, parents give what they can to their daughter according to their status and ability and the same should be accepted by the boys.

Dowry is called a curse because most of the boys demanded regular dowry which is immoral, very inappropriate, and very bad.

Many families demand a car, motorcycle, or valuables from the girl in dowry, knowing that the girl’s financial status is weak and then the girl’s brother or father tries to meet the boy’s demand for the sake of the relationship.

How many houses have been demolished today to meet the demand for dowry? The birth of a girl is a sign of happiness in the light of Islamic teachings. This demand has turned it into misery.

 Dowry is rapidly dissolving the bones of our social life like a dangerous worm and fistula. Which we don’t even realize. The dowry ritual, which has brought with it an unstoppable storm of social destruction and devastation, has left the society of the Indo-Pak subcontinent in mourning.

The troubles that our society is facing today due to dowry are of various kinds as well as encompassing the most harmful aspects. Which we can divide into the following categories:

House destruction

If a girl brings more dowry than her status, her parents become so indebted that they ruin their peace of mind day and night to get rid of her.

If the dowry is not in accordance with the wishes of the boys, then the girl is subjected to undue violence and their lives are ruined by a barrage of sarcasm. If the girls are powerful, then an endless series of lawsuits begin.

Excess of seal

The society is now suffering from the curses of dowry. Because when the boys insist on bargaining for their dowry then at the time of marriage, the dowry is paid by the girl.

A hefty sum is ordered; Because the boy has lost opportunities due to his shamelessness and obscenity, the boy is forced to accept what is more than the boy and beyond his power.

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 If a woman asks for dowry even by deception, then it is not good for her. She has to face her husband’s anger and resentment.

She has to deal with her mother-in-law, father-in-law, and other family members from above. She has to listen to Because at this time her demand raises the issue ego of the husband and his family.

Therefore, no woman wants to repeat this mistake by mistake. However, the dowry of a woman is a compulsory right over her husband, which is obligatory on her husband to pay.

 In some cases, the husband cannot divorce his wife due to excessive dowry, despite the disagreement between the spouses or the wife’s immorality and immorality, then the husband flutters like a captive bird and adopts the path of patience.

 If a reckless man is determined to get rid of such an immoral woman, then he spends all his efforts in paying this hefty amount of dowry, then the turn comes to poverty and need. The result is nothing but ruin.

Frequent divorce

Divorce is one of the most common forms of dowry in our society. Today, the principle of Islam is being openly mocked by divorcing in the lure of the abundance of dowry.

Islam has inevitably given a man the option of divorce, this does not mean that it should be used as a weapon to satisfy his illegitimate demands.

Genocide of girls by dowry

The ignorance and cruelty that Islam had abolished fourteen centuries ago today, the speed with which girls are being genocide in the womb in this advanced age, is a great shameful aspect of humanity.

Black market of girls

To get rid of the dowry wolf, many parents are forced to sell their livers and human wolves sacrifice them in the living room. Today’s newspapers are full of such incidents.

Death Trading 

The manner in which the innocent daughters of the nation are being harassed in the name of dowry today is a very shameful aspect of humanity.

In a certain place, the body was set on fire by pouring oil on it for the crime of bringing less dowry. This genocide of the daughters of the nation is gaining momentum, the law of the land is not becoming a cure for these innocents, nor are women’s rights organizations providing protection.

Deprivation of inheritance rights

In order to make the dowry money lawful, an excuse is made that what we are taking in dowry, the girl has so much right in her parents’ property. This is a very vain philosophy. Inheritance is distributed after death, not in life.

My advice to girls is not to get married where dowry is demanded, because people who look at cars, refrigerators, ACs do not value relationships and relationships are of no importance to such people. Make the relationship where you value, not your dowry.


I am amazed that a father is giving his daughter a piece of his liver to someone who is the total universe of a father, yet people weigh it in things.

A father is handing over the precious wealth of his life to his daughter who will run your family in the future, but you still value cars, refrigerators, motorcycles, etc.? It is a pity for such people and only such people can be regretted.

If the curse of dowry is eradicated and marriages become cheaper, the faces of many young girls will be cleansed of countless fears and poor parents will be able to perform their duties easily, free from the shackles of these internal chains and outdated customs.

In human life, the upbringing, education, and training of children are not only the responsibility of the parents but also the duty. When children reach puberty, their parents start worrying about their marriage.

After a great struggle, the relationship is settled. Then the date of marriage is fixed. When this stage is completed, it comes to Barat and dowry.

 Which is nothing but a curse in human life? Due to which marriage of girls has become a problem today. The whole society is suffering from the ravages of this evil ritual. Marrying girls has become a burden for poor parents.

In the pre-Islamic era, girls were buried alive, today they are killed in the womb. In today’s world girls are more successful than boys.

Girls are seen scattering in every field. But still for poor parents, marrying daughters is nothing short of a jihad. “There is a river of fire and you have to drown.”

How many houses have been devastated by the dowry? People have either sold their houses, orchards, ornaments for their dowry. Even if it could not be done, they fulfill it with a loan.

However, girls need a lot of money to get married. Which has to be managed. Whatever it is. If they don’t, then sometimes we even see and hear that girls are left behind because of dowry.

These images of guilt and barbarism turn into glorious, moving corpses of pain. They want to say something to the contractor of society and religion, but who listens to their cry.

The burden of extravagance is imposed on the girls by the boys. Is this less than cruelty and excess, is it not to promote waste? This is to invite the wrath of Allah Almighty.

If there is a slight shortfall in meeting the demand for dowry and dowry, then sometimes the girls have to suffer the consequences.
As a result, the girls in the in-laws have to suffer mental and physical torture which culminates in divorce, murder and burning alive. As seen and heard in newspapers and news channels every day.

Today, they are seen trading their sons in the lure of dowry. The higher the price, the better the relationship. It’s as if an animal, not a human, is being traded.

Not so much the degree to which a person is valued. They do not seem to have any confidence in their degree of ability. That’s why he keeps an eye on his father-in-law’s pocket.

Sometimes they don’t feel any pride in asking questions, so they are happy to bury themself and honor in the dust.

Therefore, while meeting the expenses of dowry in the marriage of their daughters, they have to satisfy and make the boys happy.

 That is why they have to display the dowry in the same way. In this way, the unholy plan of dowry and entertainment is temporarily satisfied. But this evil ritual is promoting this curse of dowry.

That is why the problems for those who cannot afford it are increasing day by day. Therefore, daughters are deprived of marriage. This is how the lives of parents and daughters become hell.

Today, marriage rituals and dowry have added to all these worries. We are all perpetrators. Capitalists in particular have exacerbated the problem.

According to Islamic law, it is urged to make marriage easy and divorce difficult, but today’s society is doing the opposite, we should try to follow the religious principles so that our society can be protected from these deadly diseases.


Dowry meaning in other parts of the world

The curse of dowry has not left any religion, any society, and any country. In every religion, in every society and in every country, this custom and custom is prevalent in one form or another.

Whose death has destroyed the lives of every special public? It is common to see and hear that the newlyweds are kicked out of the house due to non-receipt of dowry.

The limit is that if they are not satisfied with being tortured in any way, then in the end they are burnt.

It is generally observed that girls do not collect their dowry on their own, it is the responsibility of the parents, but this beating of dowry has scattered the minds of today’s girls that dowry is necessary for all circumstances.

 Therefore, his poem should be first. Therefore, girls spend every penny of their labor in the name of dowry to provide a dowry for themselves.

This problem is very serious, this problem can be solved legally, but apart from the law, social law can also be driven in this regard.

Greed is found in every religion, every society, every class. But its nature is different, money becomes the enemy of a brother for wealth.

 Then one can imagine how the dowry on the newlyweds from other houses will be ridiculed. As a result, it is easier to kill and burn the bride.

As a result, the bride’s parents are called beggars. Despite all the legal and social actions, oppression of dowry continues even today.

Those among the Muslims who are influential, pious, and have a national spirit will ultimately have to line up against the curse of this dowry, and especially the youth will have to make sacrifices in this way and stop the dowry eaters from being demanded.

So that many unmarried women do not become a burden on the weak shoulders of their parents, let us all change this concept of dowry meaning as prevail the happiness in society.


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