What is jealousy-Jealousy as a social issue

What is jealousy-Jealousy as a social issue

Let us start with a story of three sisters to know what is jealousy.

Farwa, Saman, and Alisha were three sisters. Alisha was the most beautiful of them. Farwa and Saman were more influenced by Alisha’s beauty due to their proper appearance.
But Saman was very intelligent and understandable despite her obligatory appearance. She often took positions in the field of education. Farwa, the eldest sister, was deprived of both of these qualities.

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But she was endowed with such qualities as godliness and piety. She was tormented by the feeling of her shortcomings and sometimes she was terrified, but she tried to be patient by suppressing this feeling.

On the other hand, Alisha was impressed by the intelligence of her sister Summon and wanted her to be like her. Be intelligent For this, she used to eat almonds and use recipes to improve her memory.

While Saman was impressed by Alisha’s beauty. She not only wanted to be beautiful but also wanted Alisha to lose her beauty. For this, she would disappear the things in Alisha’s beauty box and sometimes she would try to humiliate her with her sentences.

Here are some questions.

Is Farwa jealous of feeling inferior to her sisters’ virtues?

What is the jealousy of Alisha being influenced by the intelligence of her sister Summon and trying to be like her?

Which sister was jealous and why?

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What is jealousy?

Every moral evil is harmful. Sometimes this loss is visible in this world and sometimes it is suspended till the Hereafter.

Jealousy is a disease that suffers from mental anguish in this world and the heart itself suffers from various mental and physical ailments.

That is, the process of punishment of jealousy would start from this world. That is why in the Qur’an, Allah seeks refuge from the evil of the envious, because he can go to any extent in this madness.

Jealousy consumes virtues like fire consumes dry wood. Therefore, for the good of this world and the hereafter, it is necessary to know this disease and take measures to avoid it.

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What causes Jealousy?

The following requirements must be met in order to be jealous.

Feeling depressed and unhappy with one’s progress

Wishing for its loss or rejoicing at its loss

The test of jealousy

The first step is to find out if you are jealous or not. The test is if you are happy about the suffering of others and sad about their success.

And at the same time, you wish for their loss and You are jealous while waiting for its blessings to be snatched away.

What is the meaning of jealousy?

Jealousy means wanting the loss of one’s blessing or goodness or wanting to snatch it away. While jealousy is about being impressed by a person’s goodness and trying to be like him.

But in jealousy, there is no desire to be deprived of that blessing of Mehsud (to be envied) or to be harmed. So jealousy is a negative emotion while jealousy is a positive emotion.

What is not jealousy?

As an objection, understand that just because someone likes something (house, clothes, etc.) is not jealousy. Rather, it fosters an atmosphere of competition and opens the way to progress.

Similarly, whispers that suddenly come to your mind unintentionally do not fall into the category of jealousy but cultivate these ideas with determination. Is reprehensible.

When is jealousy desirable?

This means that jealousy in religious affairs is a desirable act because it opens the way for progress in the religious field. But even in the worldly arena, jealousy is not forbidden.

For example, if a student is jealous of another student’s good marks and tries to get higher marks within the permissible limits, then this is also a commendable action.

This rule can also be applied in common practical life as well. If someone follows a person just because of his success and personality. It is always good to have a wish to be like him.


Different forms of jealousy

Jealousy in our society is usually found in the following cases:

First, Envy of one’s good things includes good clothes, jewelry, house, mobile, car, and other luxuries, etc.

Second, Envy of one’s outward attributes, including good looks, motives, or personality traits.

Third, Envy of one’s inner qualities, which include good manners, friendliness, kindness, piety, and devotion.

Irritated by someone’s financial growth, such as business development, higher education, or a good job, etc.

Jealousy of one’s offspring, especially male offspring, or jealousy over the development of offspring

Jealousy of one’s fame, honor, ability or position

Jealousy and jealousy over one’s health, well-being, contentment, happiness, and comfort

To burn the developed nations and countries in collective affairs and hope for their destruction

There are also infinite forms of jealousy that a jealous person can understand well.

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The disadvantages of jealousy

Jealousy has many worldly and otherworldly harms. Here are some of them:

۔ Jealousy burns in the fire of hatred.

۔ Jealousy causes many mental illnesses such as anger, depression, inferiority complex, irritability, etc.

۔ Jealousy and enmity can lead to chaos which can spread chaos in the home and society.

  1. Jealousy causes other mortal sins, including backbiting, slander, curiosity, and lying.
  2. Jealousy is the cause of Allah’s wrath in the Hereafter

Causes of jealousy and their remedy

The following are some common causes of jealousy:

Deprivation or feeling of inferiority

Ignorance of God’s philosophy of temptation

Hatred and resentment

Pride, arrogance. Negative thinking – Other causes


We now describe them separately:

Deprivation or feeling of inferiority

The main reason for jealousy is that the jealous person is deprived of the blessing that the other has received. But sometimes jealousy occurs even in the presence of the blessing.

For example, when a bus passenger sees people sitting in an air-conditioned car, he naturally feels intensely deprived. It is involuntary to have this feeling, but wanting the evil of the workers is voluntary and a sinful act.

The solution is to avoid thinking as much as possible about people who are in a better position than you are, and if you have an idea, think about the people below you.

This does not mean that they should be compared in terms of wealth. It also compares health, fitness, peace of mind, and other standards. The second solution is to spend more time with people like you until you reach maturity.

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Ignorance of God’s philosophy of trial

Philosophy is also a great cause of jealousy due to ignorance of temptation and perpetual understanding of worldly blessings. The main reason why Allah has given or has not given the form, wealth, car, house, children and other necessities of life is the trial.

He tests someone by giving blessings and by taking blessings from someone. In the sight of Allah, the status of this worldly equipment is less than that of a dead kid.

An envious person considers these blessings as real and purposeful and considers their attainment as success and deprivation as a failure. He goes mad with the love and greed of the world and burns at the sight of the blessings of others.

If observed carefully, to object to the envious is to object indirectly to God’s division and His wisdom. But this jealous person also burns in the fire of jealousy and opposes God.

The cure for this is to understand God’s temptation scheme, to reduce the greed and love of the world and to be content with God’s wisdom and division in all circumstances because there is no meeting here and no deprivation here.

Hatred and resentment

Hatred against someone can also make you want to harm that person. Jealousy can give rise to hatred and hatred can give rise to jealousy.

Because the main cause of this jealousy is hatred and malice. Treat it as a remedy. When the hatred is gone, the jealousy created by it will go away automatically.


Sometimes pride and arrogance also cause jealousy, especially for those who are jealous of the achievements of others in spite of everything, they think that their monopoly on every blessing and success in the world and their It is true.

To deal with it, it is necessary to get rid of arrogance. Arrogance is beautiful only to Allah. Man’s arrogance can lead him to hell and deprive him of the eternal blessings of heaven.

Blessings should be considered as a gift from Allah and should not be allowed to dominate them. Furthermore, Allah is the owner of all treasures.

He bestows them on whomever He wills and in whatever way He wills. Any objection to this division may amount to a direct objection to God’s wisdom.

Negative thinking

Some people’s thinking consists of negative thoughts. These people are experts at figuring out the negative in everything positive or neutral.

For this reason, they are unhappy with one’s success and bring out worms in one’s blessings.

The solution is to appreciate people’s achievements by adopting a positive attitude towards life and to share in their happiness and purify one’s jealousy and negative attitude.

Other causes

Apart from this, there can be many reasons for jealousy such as deprivation of one’s blessings from a natural calamity, deprivation of material achievements despite one’s privileges, raising the banner of success of one’s contemporaries, making one feel deprived of satire, etc. All of these causes are addressed in the discussion above and in the following instructions.


General guidelines for avoiding jealousy

In the first stage, you should find out the nature of jealousy and its cause, then try the recommended treatment according to that cause. Also, follow the instructions given below.

Pray to Allah for the blessings you are jealous of, so that you may get them too if they are possible under the law of causes, that is, the desire for impossible things can further distract the mind.

Remember the blessings of heaven, considering the material things that make you jealous as temporary and inferior.

Pray for Mehsud (who is to be envied) that God may grant him more success in all the matters of which you are jealous.

Express love to Mehsud (whom you are jealous of) and express happiness from the heart with him.

If possible, arrange some presents for Mehsud (whom you envy).

 Even if there is no success, then openly express your condition with Mehsud (whom you are jealous of) and ask him to pray for you. But also take care of this. So that things don’t get worse.



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