How to start as a writer-Best tip for professional writing

How to start as a writer-Best tip for professional writing

Are you planning to start your career as a writer and do not know how to start as writer? Do you find writing difficult? Let me tell you are in the right place. Through this guide, you will learn the best tips on how to start as a writer.


How can I improve my writing skills?


Writing is a skill and can be learned just like any other skill. People who think that this quality is innate in some people are mistaken. 


Anyone who knows the basics of reading and writing and loves to write can be a good writer. Here are six tips to help you become a better writer.


How to start writing?


If you are accustomed to reading, then you must be interested in writing.


Our personal experience in writing is that it requires three things, one is to write, and the other is to write, and the third is to write. The important thing is to be written. But the question is, how?


This question is present in the minds of many people who are interested in writing. In the age of the internet and social media, it is not that we lack ideas or content, or we do not have arguments for our position, but a new writer still finds himself at a crossroads that writing How to get started?


How to pick a topic for writing?


How to organize information and arguments to shape thinking? How is it possible to pick the genre and topic.


think about the subject, gather research and material, choose an introduction to the topic, organize the content, and shape the story to the end in a way that takes the reader along?


How to overcome hesitation while writing?


We all feel a hesitation at the beginning of the writing process. Let’s take a look at how these steps can be easily handled.


How to write a fiction story?


Gender selection should not be difficult for you if you want to write. If you are interested in fiction or fiction stories, then you can try a hundred-word story and from fiction to novel.


How to write a non-fiction story?


And if you are interested in writing non-fiction, then the field is for you from news, newspaper articles, editorials, memoirs, autobiographies, historical articles and travelogues to personal sketches.


Just remember that in fiction, the servant is free while in non-fiction the principle of nothing but truth and truth applies, so caution is a condition.


Older writers usually have no shortage of ideas, but the new writer’s first question is what to write. The simple answer is “anything,” but we suggest that you start writing with a list of your ideas that you want to write about.


Where to find a writing topic from?


If you are active on social media, then you should not be short of topics. Any topic that interests you, that you are passionate about, or that you know more about, or that you want to share with others.


We have our own opinions on different topics according to our tastes, which sometimes differ from others. If it’s hard to decide because of the many topics, pick up a pen and make a list of all the topics you want to write about.


Now choose one of these topics and don’t waste the rest of the issues. Try saving this list online on mobile or computer.


Best tips about How to start as a writer


if you want to start as a writer take advantage of these exercises if the blank page irritates you.


Remember that your article, whether fiction or non-fiction, is based on the word story at the moment and has to be arranged in such a way that the reader is like an interesting story from the beginning.


Keep up the excellent content. This is the difference between a subject and a complete article, that is, your finished product.


Now describe the chosen topic in one or two sentences and outline it to shape the article.


Some new writers bring many other articles on the same subject, and the writing becomes irrelevant. To avoid this, it is also important that the focus of the topic be written up in one sentence. It can be reduced later, but it will help to focus the mind.


Some writers write very well and fluently without outline or planning. It is good if you are one of them, but this is the professional method, and it has many benefits. At least new writers must get used to it.


This helps a lot in organizing and coordinating the writing and also assesses whether there is appropriate content for the article. The outline is also useful for separating things that are sometimes off-topic if there is too much content in mind.


In both cases, there is a need to do more research, even if the content is sufficient and not enough, especially if your field is non-fiction. Research is also very important for writing standard fiction.


Think of a good start to writing. It could be an interesting event or a story, or a quote from a well-known person, or a question that would make people think and read on.


Remember, if you get the reader’s attention at the beginning, hit half the field because if the reader doesn’t like the beginning, he leaves the article before the first paragraph ends. That’s why it’s important for the introduction to be interesting.


Similarly, the proper conclusion of an article, review article, or fiction is very important. Some writers come to an end after writing the whole article and get confused as to how to finish it.


One solution to this problem is to think about the beginning and the end while doing other things at home or outside. Creative work is not possible without reflection.


Also, while researching, keep separating the concluding material. The conclusion in non-fiction also summarizes the whole article.


Create a passion for writing and an extraordinary passion.


Writing is definitely a difficult process. But no difficulty can stand in the way of extraordinary passion and obsession for long.


It is important for a writer to have a passion for writing and a passion for being a good writer one day, so it is not far off that one day he will reach his destination. The first step in becoming a good writer is to put out the fire of writing.


Practice writing daily for how to start as a writer


Take a look at the lives of people who are unique and unique in any art, and you will find that they have reached the peak of perfection only after practicing for many years.


Even such great writers have constantly practiced making their mark. If you start writing one page a day from today, you will notice a clear improvement in your writing after one year. So keep practicing writing.


Increase Vocabulary


Along with passion and practice, you should have a proper vocabulary. Because if you don’t have the right words, it is possible that you will get stuck in the middle of the text.


Or change the meaning of the whole text by using inappropriate words. Writing in everyday language is easy because you have all kinds of words, and you don’t have to read much.

But if you want to write in another language, for example, English, it is important that you learn new words and their usage on a daily basis.


Read daily about how to start as a writer


Like a newborn baby hears before he speaks, the words are stored in his mind. And one day, after listening for a while and recognizing the sounds, he starts speaking.


It is important for every such writer to read before writing. Daily reading not only acquaints a writer with pre-written knowledge but also brings maturity in his thoughts.


Reading something on a daily basis also introduces the new writer to the writing style of the old writers. It also shows how one idea is combined with another and how information and experiences are appropriate—presented in style.


Daily reading is the hallmark of every good writer. Make it a habit


Observation skills on how to start as a writer


A writer writes what he feels. Therefore, every writer should be a good observer.


A writer can not only see the shortcomings and errors in what he has already written with his observational observation.


But he can also acquire knowledge from his surroundings through this observation, which no one else has had the opportunity to acquire.


Such knowledge can be called first-hand knowledge. And this knowledge is very close to the action. Use daily observation skills.


Find your own motivation 


You will be guided by hundreds of books and thousands of articles on the subject, but it is still possible that you will not become a good writer.


Because to be a good writer, you don’t have to keep writing, and to keep writing; you need motivation. Motivation is not something that can be learned. Preferably, every writer has to find it in himself.


Everything that motivates you to write leads you to become a good writer. An event of great joy or great sorrow motivates some writers to write down their joys or sorrows for others and motivates them to compete and strive to be better.


Find out for yourself what you think, feel, or write and keep writing.


Remember that if you want to start as a writer, think you have creativity. You need to plan regularly and consistently to develop that ability. How to start as a writer requires courage and discipline with your time.

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