How to Have a Healthy Relationship – 3 Keys

How to Have a Healthy Relationship – 3 Keys

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How to have a healthy relationship is very simple, if you know-how. Open your eyes again and picture how happy and contented you both make each other out to be. Now, more importantly, how does it look like? Do you put it in words?


Perhaps you will not instantly be able to put it in words, but you may well be able to describe what it feels like. It may not always have all the qualities of a healthy relationship, but you are bound to find one that does. If so, you may have found the keys that can help you establish a healthy relationship today.

Be Honest in Relationship


Be Honest in relationship


The first key to establishing a healthy relationship is, to be honest with one another. If you are lying about anything, especially about the status of your health, you are setting yourself up for conflict.


If you have a family to think about, then honesty will mean telling them. The more honest you are, the more open to sharing and trust you both will have. Trust is the foundation for every healthy relationship.


Being honest also means having the willingness to communicate about things in a healthy relationship. You need to know where your limits are.


You need to know what things will get done and what will wait until next week or next month. Communication can keep you going when things get hectic.

Try to listen


Try to listen each other

The second key to establishing a healthy relationship is being willing to listen. If you are not listening to one another, then you are both not really listening to each other and you are simply arguing at a high level.


Listen with your whole being, and don’t just hear the speaker’s words. Try to listen to the message they are saying, whether they are talking about love, sex, or health.


You also need to listen for the tone of voice. Is it high pitched or low? Is there an accent? Does it sound authoritative? Is the speaker speaking a language you know?

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And, lastly, you need to ask the other person questions about the relationship. If they feel they are not giving you all the information they can, they should not be trusted and you need to move on to someone else who will give you the information you need.


Having a healthy relationship is all about listening, talking, and sharing. If you have learned to listen, you can start learning how to give each other all the information you need. That is the key to creating a healthy and loving relationship.

Communicate with each other


The third key to creating a healthy relationship is communication. If you are not willing to talk about things, then you are never going to be able to build a healthy relationship.


In order to learn how to have a healthy relationship, you first need to have a healthy attitude towards life itself. Being happy and enjoying life is the only way that you will be able to have healthy relationships.

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Even though the relationships may be fun, they are about something important and valuable that can be lost when you are unhappy or negative.


If you enjoy life and think things are fine, then you will be able to have a healthy relationship. You will also be able to have healthy relationships because you will have learned how to deal with difficult situations before they occur and you will be ready for them when they do arise.


Learning how to have a healthy relationship takes time. But, if you truly want to learn this, you will get there in time.


Being happy, knowing you are happy, taking care of yourself, and having the right attitude are the keys to a healthy relationship. With these three keys, you will be able to establish a healthy relationship in no time.

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