Health Disadvantages of using gas heater in winter

Health Disadvantages of using gas heater in winter

Everyone uses a gas heater in the cold season, but do you know health disadvantages of using gas heater in winter?
Gas heaters are commonly used in every home to keep the house warm in the cold season.

But every year hundreds of people lose their lives due to accidents caused by this gas heater. Along with the benefits of a gas heater, some disadvantages of using gas heater in winter also exist.

These problems can be avoided with a little care. The most important of which is that the gas heater should be checked by a specialist before use.

Health Disadvantages of using gas heater

A malfunction in a gas heater releases carbon monoxide. It is an invisible gas that spreads into a room and makes the room toxic and polluted.

Due to this children, pregnant women, and Heart patients may have the most serious health problems. The health disadvantages of using gas heater are as follows:

Drowsiness and nausea

Due to carbon monoxide’s entry into the blood, its toxic effects cause drowsiness and nausea simultaneously. In which case, it turns off the gas heater immediately and has it inspected.

Difficulty breathing

The presence of carbon monoxide in the room reduces the rate of oxygen in the room. Which can lead to suffocation and severe difficulty breathing.

if you do this in a room with a heater. If you feel dizzy, get your gas heater inspected by a specialist immediately.

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When this gas enters the bloodstream due to carbon monoxide in the room, it causes fatigue.

The person begins to feel sluggish – but if he goes into the fresh air, this feeling of fatigue disappears.

This proves that the gas coming out of the gas heater is polluting the room air.

Chest pain

The presence of carbon monoxide in heart patients’ blood makes it difficult for them to breathe, which puts pressure on the chest, and heart patients may feel chest pain.

A doctor should be consulted. Otherwise, this problem can lead to a heart attack.


Living permanently in a room with a gas heater can also cause headaches, partly due to carbon monoxide’s harmful effects and partly due to overheating.

Some Precautions while using gas heaters

The use of gas heaters is mandatory for some areas in cold weather, so its use can be protected by adopting some precautions.

Make your gas heater service mandatory on an annual basis.

Look at its flame. If it is blue or yellow, it is safe.

Be sure to arrange for fresh air to enter the room where the gas heater is installed.

You must turn off the gas heater before going to bed as most accidents happen when the room is full of gas.

Keep fast-burning items away from gas heaters.

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