How to prepare for CSS 2021

How to prepare for CSS 2021

How to prepare for CSS 2021? Frequently Asked Questions

It may not be possible to give a satisfactory answer to this question ( how to prepare for CSS).

Because every child has his own strengths and his own weaknesses.

Everyone’s schooling and education are different. Everyone has different preparation protocols.

However, I have tried to answer this question by highlighting a few important points.

I have nothing to say and it is your personal right to disagree and agree with everything that no one can take away from you. I want to put my point in front of you.

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How to prepare for CSS 2021

Passing the civil service exam is the dream of every talented student. They work hard to succeed in this exam but success kisses only a few steps.

According to the report of the Federal Public Service Commission (FPSC), out of 20,717 candidates in 2016, 12,176 took part in the exam and only 379 of them passed the written exam while in 2017, 310 out of 9391 candidates enjoyed success.

These results show that if you plan to take the civil service exam, keep in mind that you will have to compete with thousands of students.

It is not difficult to qualify for the civil service exam if you prepare for it on the right lines.

Many students are not able to sit for the exam even after all the hard work because their preparation is not good.

They do not know what to read and how to prepare. Hard work brings color only when its direction is right.

The best way to do this is to use the experiences of those who have passed the test.

The CSS exam actually tests your aptitude, academic ability, and your professional attitude in different trends.

Your mind, understanding, and intelligence work fast, you are well aware of the current situation, then you will be able to qualify for the CSS exam.

In addition, you should have a thorough knowledge of your subjects, not only biblical knowledge.

But also the element of creativity, so that when you are writing your essays in the exam, they will confirm that there are many inside you.

 Let us know what subjects must be available.

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English article


You are given 10 topics, on one of which you have to write a comprehensible and comprehensive essay of 2500 to 3000 words in English.

This is the one essay that can affect your marks more. This article is designed to test your style, correct grammar, creativity, ideas, and expression.

Remember, an article is not a collection of phrases but contains many things that impress the reader.

First of all, you have to understand the outline of the article. Take a look at its structure, what its introductory paragraph will look like, or how it will conclude to summarize the whole article.

In this regard, you need to demonstrate the correct use of written skills, grammar, vocabulary, and idioms, etc.

current affairs


In the first part of this paper, you have to mark the correct answers (MCQs) of 20 questions while in the second part you have to write the answers to four out of six questions.

For this, you have to read the daily newspapers, as well as listen to the news on TV and radio. Along with historical knowledge, you should also have knowledge of current social, cultural, and religious issues.


General Science


It is also a handout of MCQs and written questions, asking questions about everyday science such as global warming, pollution, the greenhouse effect, and more.

In addition to scientific problems, you may also face questions from biology, chemistry, and physics.

If you have read these articles in Matric and Inter, then you will not have any problem.


Situation of Pakistan


This pamphlet asks questions about political, social, and economic activities in Pakistan. So you have to keep an eye on all these activities.

It can also be a question of relations with neighboring countries.

You will need to read Pakistan Studies books in this regard. You should read newspapers and magazines regularly.


Islamic Studies


It is also a handbook containing MCQs and written questions. For this, you should have knowledge about Islam and its application.

It also covers Islamic beliefs and topics in Islamic history. For this, you should memorize the book of Interview and Bachelor of Islamic Studies.

You must have the basic knowledge as well as the ability to describe the socio-political landscape from an Islamic perspective in its context.


Optional articles


There is a long list of optional articles, in which topics are categorized.

You should choose the subjects according to your preparation and tendency so that you can easily pass the exam.

First, you look at the available subjects, then study their course. Choose the article that interests you and that you already know a lot about.

This will be decided by your Inter or Bachelor’s favorite subjects.

After reading all these points you will be able to know How to prepare for CSS. You just need to be focused on this test. 

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