Premature baby home care-Its Causes and Effects

Premature baby home care-Its Causes and Effects

In this article, we will discuss Premature baby home care. We will also discuss premature baby causes and their effects.

Premature babies – parenting and misconceptions

The little member who comes to the house brings a lot of happiness for the whole family.

Everyone is ready at every moment for his care and love. The responsibility of taking care of a small child is a big responsibility.

They are delicate and sensitive, so they have to be very careful when lying down, hugging, breastfeeding, bathing, and changing clothes.

A recent joint report by medical experts from around the world states that approximately 15 million (15 million) babies are born prematurely worldwide each year.    

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Premature birth usually causes medical problems for the baby. Because, under the natural system, the baby in the mother’s womb gets a special environment for development.

After completing the period of 40 weeks, the baby is in the mother’s womb. In the world outside, it is able to breathe automatically. Therefore, premature baby home care should be different as compared to normal babies.

Types of Premature babies

The duration of pregnancy varies from species to species. In humans, this period consists of nine months, after which maternity takes place.

Sometimes a baby is born before the end of the term, which is called premature or pre-term in medical terms.

Premature babies are classified by weeks, according to which they are born between 20 and 32 weeks.

These are called very preterm babies, medium preterm babies born at 32 to 34 weeks, and late preterm babies born at 34 to 37 weeks.

In developed countries, 50% of babies born within 24 weeks survive, while in developing countries, 90% of babies born before 28 weeks lose their lives.

Reasons for a premature baby

There are many reasons for premature birth. However, the main reason is the mother’s poor health.

For example, not paying attention to her diet during pregnancy can lead to anemia, which in turn affects the development of the baby.

Premature birth, twins or more, high blood pressure, diabetes, heart disease, drug or smoking addiction, respiratory, liver, heart or kidney disease, chronic cough, arthritis Pain, etc., also become the causes of premature motherhood.

In some cases uterine diseases, fetal distress and various hereditary disorders can also be the cause.

Sometimes bladder, kidney, or uterine infection or cervical opening can also lead to preterm birth. In addition, pre-pregnancy mother’s weight less than 45 kg or more than 85 kg, height less than 4 feet 11 inches, and blood group negative can also be triggers for premature birth.

Also, the following possible symptoms are very Are important, which can affect anyone pregnant. For example:


During pregnancy, the pregnant woman begins to gain weight very fast or it grows faster than usual.

Normally a pregnant woman gains about one kilogram during the 12th to 14th week of pregnancy.

She gains 3 to 4 kilograms during the 14th to 28th week and about 4 to 6 kilograms during the 28th to 40th week. This increases the total weight by 10 to 12 kg.

For this reason, the rate of weight gain not being normal can be a sign of danger.


The first sign of swelling on the feet or body usually appears when the ring or bangle gets stuck, the shoes feel tight. Swelling of the body during pregnancy can also be a wake-up call, so be especially careful.


Symptoms such as dizziness, dark circles under the eyes, and frequent headaches and pain are usually ignored by women as minor, which is not true. Be informed


If there is excessive moisture or bleeding during any stage of pregnancy, consult a physician instead of home remedies, because if this condition persists for a long time, the life of the mother and child may be endangered.

Therefore, premature birth becomes inevitable.


Sometimes a pregnant woman suffers from seizures (called seizures in medical terms). This is a very dangerous sign of pregnancy.

Because the seizures can cause the baby to die in the womb or to save his life prematurely. Maternity is performed, so contacting a physician is essential if minor omissions or delays can be fatal.

Labor pains

Sometimes labor pains can start at any time before the pregnancy period (40 weeks) is over. This may be a sign of premature birth.

The movement of the baby in the mother’s womb

The baby’s movements are usually felt at the end of four months of pregnancy and the mother soon becomes familiar with normal movements.

A change in routine is an unusual sign. If the movement is more or less than normal or disappears completely, consult a doctor as soon as possible. Remember, regular check-ups during pregnancy are essential to complete a healthy pregnancy.

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Problems and premature baby home care

Babies are more likely to have medical problems due to premature birth because, under the natural system, the baby in the mother’s womb gets a special environment for development.

After completing the period of 40 weeks, the baby is born outside the womb. I am able to breathe on my own. So if motherhood is premature, such babies have to be taken care of more than other babies.

These babies cannot maintain their body temperature because they do not have a layer of normal fat under their skin.

So it is very important to protect them from the cold in winter and high temperature in summer, usually premature. Babies are kept in the incubator for a certain period of time.

Even if the doctor does not recommend keeping the baby in the incubator due to the health of the newborn, such babies should be taken care of. Starting a diet right after birth is a very important step.

Try to get the baby to drink breast milk within one hour of birth. Because even if he is born as early as a week before the due date, his digestive system immediately accepts the mother’s milk.

Because glucose is stored in the body of these babies. Breast milk is also important because calcium deficiency can cause convulsions in the baby.

Idiopathic Respiratory Distress is a dangerous disease in premature babies. If your breathing rate is slow or you have difficulty breathing, get to the hospital immediately, so that you can be treated immediately after a timely diagnosis.

In this disease premature baby home care is done with special medicine that is injected into the lungs of the baby.

After breastfeeding, the young baby should be belched and laid down at 30 degrees, lying upright.

Because sometimes milk causes vomiting in the mouth It enters the nose through the nasal passages, which causes shortness of breath. And if it gets into the lungs, it can cause pneumonia.

premature babies are also affected by jaundice early and recover late. It should be noted that this jaundice is not due to the mother’s diet at all.

Inflammation and hemorrhage in premature babies is a common and deadly disease in medical terms called “Necrotizing Enterocolitis”, but with proper precautions and early breastfeeding, Treatment is possible.

Pre-term babies can also get infections early due to a lack of immunity, so mothers should take special care of their hands and baby’s hygiene and breastfeed.

Increases immunity. These children can have seizures for a variety of reasons, so consult a pediatrician.

Choose the nearest maternity clinic or hospital, which is not only close to home, but also has all the medical facilities and 24-hour staff available.

In addition, the necessary equipment for the care of children such as incubators, oxygen cylinders, and special machines, etc. are also available.

Because, without these devices, the life expectancy of preterm babies is very low. They are kept in the incubator and most people are not even allowed to touch them, as they can be exposed to the germs early.

Usually, if a pregnant woman shows signs of premature birth, immediate surgery is performed, so that the mother and baby To save a life.

If the mother starts to fall prematurely, especially in the abdomen or lower back, immediately lay her down on the bed, comfort the mother and consult a doctor in the meantime.

If you need to be taken to the hospital, take them without delay, as there are medications and precautions that can prevent premature birth. Talk to the attacker well and well.

Also, be sure to give milk or syrup to drink according to the season. The temperature of the surrounding environment should be warm at birth.

Immediately after birth, change the bed sheet and lie down in a dry sheet. In the meantime, keep checking the mother’s breath and color.

Dress the newborn and breastfeed him within an hour. Then continue breastfeeding every two hours, while the newborn should be examined in detail by a pediatrician and his instructions should be followed.

Vitamins and minerals for premature baby home care

Some vitamins and minerals are needed for preterm babies from 6 to 8 weeks, with regular use to help them reach normal weight.

It should be noted that if the first pregnancy is preterm, then there is a 17.2% chance that the second child will be born preterm in the next pregnancy.

If the first two children are preterm, the chances increase by 28.4% in the third pregnancy. Therefore, it is important for women who become mothers to have their own medical examination and treatment in case of any illness.

Take special care of your diet so that if the mother is sick and emaciated, the effects will be felt on the baby as well.

In this regard, the establishment of neonatal intensive care units, availability of all facilities in district headquarters hospitals, continuity and improvement of health policy at the government level, new hospitals and MCH Centers (Maternal and Child Health Care Centers).

Establishing, training doctors and paramedics in this field, providing general information at all levels, etc. can be helpful in bringing pre-term pregnancy to a normal pregnancy.

These babies are unable to maintain their body temperature, as their skin does not have a layer of normal fat underneath, so it is important to protect them from the cold in winter and the high temperature in summer.

Babies born prematurely are usually kept in an incubator for a specific period of time.

Even if the doctor does not recommend keeping the germs in the womb for the sake of the health of the newborn, such children should be taken care of.

In the case of jaundice, consult a doctor immediately so that timely treatment can be given. Jaundice in a child is not caused by breast milk.

These babies also suffer from bloating and bleeding disorders, but with proper care and early breastfeeding, these babies can go away.

These babies can also get skin infections due to a lack of immunity. Yes, so the mother should keep her hands clean and take care of the baby’s hygiene.

In addition, the baby must be breastfed, because breast milk is the baby’s first vaccine. Breast milk boosts the baby’s immune system.

These babies can have seizures for a variety of reasons, so the pathologist Stays in touch with children and takes great care of your child.

In short premature babies are also humans therefore, premature baby home care must be taken as a serious factor.

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