Amazing Health Benefits of Sunlight for Skin, Hair, and Body

Amazing Health Benefits of Sunlight for Skin, Hair, and Body

Summary of Benefits of sunlight

The importance and health benefits of sunlight and sunlight have been recognized for centuries and now scientists have confirmed that sunlight strengthens hair, skin teeth, and bones while also reducing the risk of heart attack and stroke. Medical experts say that the sun Bath also affects the state of mind and there is evidence that vitamin D supplementation as an alternative medicine to reduce the risk of heart attack and stroke in people suffering from high blood pressure. There is a strong link between low levels of vitamin A and high blood pressure. Research has shown that a 10% increase in vitamin D levels can reduce the risk of hypertension and high blood pressure by 8.1%.

Benefits of sunlight in winter

People with different temperaments react differently to the arrival of winter. Some people enjoy the cold to the fullest and some feel depressed. Actually, the winter season reduces various engagements with relatives and some people spend most of their time at home or in one place. The area feels lonely in winter.

One of my friend faced the same condition. I suggested him to meet a psychologist.

When He described the situation, the psychologist told him that the reason for his poor mental state was that she did not spend enough time in the sun. Yes, sunlight also has healing effects.

In countries where the sun shines less, people are more likely to commit suicide in addition to depression, SAD (seasonal affective disorder), and other mental illnesses.

Regions of the world where the sun shines very little. There are many health problems. Psychologists also say that a person suffering from mental illness is more anxious in winter. They should Sit in a place where they can enjoy the health benefits of sunlight.

It has also been observed that sitting in the sun makes the patient feel better soon. In developed countries, mental patients are trained to absorb sunlight through the face. They recover, but they also get attention and maturity in their daily activities.

It can be seen that in cold weather, women in rural areas massage their newborns with oil while sitting in the sun. The purpose is to strengthen the baby’s bones from the heat of the sun.

Modern research has shown that the sun produces vitamin D (vitamin D) in the body, which helps in the absorption of calcium. Young people who are keen on bodybuilding or go to the gym, etc. They also exercise. This strengthens their bones. Older people need more sun to get rid of the weakness of middle age. Sunshine is very useful in joint diseases and wounds.

In winter, the wound usually does not heal quickly and the disease progresses. Sometimes old wounds also appear. This is due to the weakening of the immune system in the human body due to low temperature. Even in this situation. Doctors recommend sitting in the sun.

Health Benefits of sunlight

The sun’s rays have vitamin D as well as countless other benefits. We are accustomed to hearing that the sun’s rays can be harmful to your skin. But did you know that there are many benefits to sunbathing with the right balance?

Dryness is a disease of children in which the bones become weak and crooked due to improper accumulation of vitamin D or calcium (lime) in the body. This disease is also treated with sun.

Mild sunlight stimulates a healthy amount of hormones in your brain. The brain not only increases the release of the hormone at this temperature, but also increases the hormone serotonin. Serotonin is associated with enhancing mood and helping a person to stay calm and focused.

Without sunlight, your serotonin levels can drop dangerously. Low levels of serotonin carry the risk of depression with seasonal patterns (formerly known as seasonal affective disorder or SAD). It is a type of depression caused by changing seasons.

Let us also know the advantages of this sunlight light.

Sun treatment for psychiatric disorders

Dr. Haroon Rasheed, a well-known psychologist, says that he takes his patients for a walk in the sun as much as possible in winter because most mental patients become more anxious in winter, so recreational trips are arranged for them and they are given such a place. Collected where they receive direct sunlight.

In developed countries, as the weather changes, patients are regularly moved to rooms where the sun shines through the windows. It has been observed that seating patients in a sunlight room makes them feel better. In a psychiatric hospital, men were experimentally placed on a computer in such a bright environment, and women were employed to make sweaters. It turned out that the patients had a healthy tendency and maturity in their work. Mentally ill people are trained to absorb sunlight through their eyes, which helps them recover, but sitting in the sun too long can cause headaches.

Diabetes and other diseases

Sunshine is extremely useful for diabetics. The sun’s rays lower blood glucose, which can lead to diabetes. Therefore, sun exposure is useful in preventing diabetes. Sunshine also provides energy to people with low blood sugar, which helps to relieve their weakness.

Sunlight is a disinfectant

With the onset of winter, special clothes are taken out of the boxes and placed in the sun to eliminate moisture and odors. If clothes are locked in boxes without incense, there is a risk of bed bugs. Since the sun kills harmful germs, the sun does not produce germs in the clothes, and the human body is also protected from them.

Sunlight controls Blood pressure and heart disease

Blood pressure usually rises in the winter. Lack of sunlight can also increase cholesterol because sunlight lowers cholesterol. The human skin produces a chemical called squalene. If it does not get sunlight, this substance is converted into cholesterol. If the skin is exposed to the sun, this substance takes the form of vitamin D.

Lack of this vitamin and high cholesterol can lead to high blood pressure and heart attack. Vitamin A protects the heart, so lack or absence of it increases the risk of heart disease in winter. People with heart disease should keep in touch with the sun and sunbathe from time to time.

Human skin receives energy from the sun. The sun’s rays are essential for human survival, but moderation is essential. In fact, the goal should be to get energy from the sun, not to burn the body in the hot sun. So don’t stay in the sun too long.

Benefits of sunlight on the skin

Most people, especially women, shy away from the sun so that they do not turn black. It is true that intense sunlight imbalances the skin’s moisture and reduces its vitality, but it is also not advisable to avoid the sun altogether, as cells can die if left exposed to the sun for long periods of time, and the skin regains its freshness and freshness.

Some skin diseases, such as psoriasis, are treated with sunlight. Different medicine to the patient at a particular time They are planted in the sun. Physicians also say that the sun helps their patients to recover, provided that the tuberculosis is diagnosed at an early stage.

Women and men who have nails on their faces and their skin is unusually smooth should avoid sitting in the hot sun. This not only increases itching and irritation but can also increase inflammation and swelling.

Sunlight against Skin cancer

This latest research has frightened people that the sun can cause skin cancer. Yes, sunlight can cause cancer, but only if it is exposed to it for long periods of time. People who work long hours on the beach or in a place where they do not have shade can get skin cancer due to high radiation.

After research, men and women in Western countries who used to enjoy hours of sunlight are now reducing the duration of lying naked on the beaches.

People in Western countries try to absorb the sun as much as possible as the sun is available after long winters and are unaware that their excesses can expose them to the harmful effects of radiation.

The early morning sun is not very bright so it is advisable to enjoy the sun at this time but it is harmful to stay in the hot afternoon sun for many hours continuously. There is also an idea that people in Eastern countries, being attracted to the wheat color, try to whiten their fair complexion by sitting in the sun. And can lead to cancer.

Where sunburn causes skin cancer, it also protects against many types of cancer. It is said that people who get less sunlight are more likely to get breast, colon and bladder cancer. These types of cancer can be prevented by the use of vitamin D. So, like everything else, you need to use the sun carefully and in moderation.

Sunlight is essential for hair

Most women say that they put a lot of oil in their hair but their hair keeps falling out and does not grow long. Oil is essential for hair health but excessive use of it inhibits hair growth.

Vitamins also play an important role in hair growth. Most Bangladeshi women have long, thick and healthy hair because fish is the most important part of their diet, which contains a significant amount of vitamins.

Gentlemen who wear hats for a long time tend to get bald quickly because their hair does not get sunburned. The disease is hereditary, but the sun also contributes to its production.

Although covering the hair is a good way to protect it from the harmful effects of pollution, many of these beneficial ingredients do not reach the hair. And lice do not grow on the head.


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