Health Impacts of wearing high heels and precautions

Health Impacts wearing high heels

Summary about Health Impacts wearing of high heels That You Don’t Know!

Wearing high heels has become a leading trend in the fashion industry. Women wearing high heels often ignore the health impacts of wearing high heels. Being trendy fashion it has worse health impacts such as deformation of bones, such as ankles, knees, shins, feet waist, etc. However, there are some precautions while wearing high heels such as muscle stretching, massage, short length high heels, etc.

Why do women like wearing high heels?

women wearing high heels
women wearing high heels

Women feel confident wearing beautiful sandals with four-inch high heels. The fashion for high heels is never old. High heel shoes adorn shops in a variety of colors, designs, and shapes. However, the damage to physical health caused by wearing it for a while can be estimated by wearing high heels for a while.

What damage can wearing high heels cause?

Women who wear high heels for a long time tend to have pain in the ankles, legs, knees, and back. But not only this, with the help of high heels you can have a very negative effect on your health. Yet fashion-loving women are reluctant to give up the habit of wearing high heels.

Women who want to wear high heels need to be aware of the dangers and precautions they can take.

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Effects on physical health

According to a US study, 72% of women worldwide sometimes wear high heels, while 28% are women who have never worn high heels. Women have to push their hips and spine backwards to maintain balance by wearing high heels.

The load on the back, hip bones, and shins is increased to maintain balance. This extra load causes pain and heaviness in the muscles. The details of the problems caused by high heels in different parts of the body are as follows:

Health Impacts wearing of high heels and precautions

1. Feet

The legs are designed to carry the load of the whole body. Wearing heels, instead of spreading the whole load on the whole foot, it comes only on the heels. The longer the heel, the heavier the load will be on the heels. According to one study, one-inch heels carry 22% of the load on the heels, 2-inch heels carry 57%, while 3-inch heels carry 76% of the load.

2. Ankles and shins

massaging ankle due to wearing high heels

Wearing heels, the ankles bend forward, which reduces blood flow to the lower part of the legs. It also makes the legs stiff. This is the reason that after wearing heeled shoes all day, when you take off your shoes, you have difficulty in walking.

3. Knees

The knee bone is the largest joint in the body. Wearing high heels puts pressure on the inside of the knee, which accelerates joint fractures and increases the risk of arthritis.

4. Waist

In order to walk normally, you have to wear high heels and push your spine deeper, which increases the load on your spine and muscles. This can make your back feel swollen or tense. The back, like any other part of the body, needs rest.

Caution in wearing heels

Relax you muscles

Try to relax the body and muscles. For this, you can give your body a massage. If you have to wear heels all day, wear flat sandals the next day.

Walk barefoot

When the opportunity arises, take off your heels and walk barefoot. Walking barefoot on grass in the morning will increase make your muscles relaxed and you will feel fresh all day long. This will reduce the pain in your feet.

Stretch your muscles before and after wearing high heels

Stretch the leg muscles before and after wearing high heels. Because wearing the muscles the day increases stiffness in your leg muscles. This will help your muscles to stretch and the feeling of pain will also be reduced.

Avoid wearing heel than two inches

Try not to wear heels longer than two inches. Always buy shoes during the day. At this point, your foot size is the largest.

Never buy Pencil heels

Buy less than a nail or pencil heels as they are the most harmful.

Buy following all these precautions you can save yourself from the health impacts of wearing high heels.