16 tips about How to overcome the fear of failure

16 tips about How to overcome the fear of failure


How to overcome the fear of failure or fear of falling is a question of everyone’s life. Especially in this era of extreme competition in every field of life. There may be different types of fear of failure such as fear of failure in exams, relationships, jobs,s, etc. All types of fear of failure rises from different circumstances. To overcome the fear of failure all you need to do is believe in yourself, be determined and motivated enough to learn from your mistakes, and reject the forecasting or predictions.

What is the fear of failure?

The biggest obstacle to success is a fear of failure. Every human being in the world suffers from some kind of fear. Fear is mostly unrealistic and baseless. Human beings in the world are only afraid of loudness and fear of falling from a height.

Other fears are self-created. He adopts fictitious fears. Fictitious fears reduce a person’s inner self-respect and lack of self-respect hinders the process of personal improvement.

A frightened person does not trust himself. In the human mind, There is energy like a powerhouse and the energy of a frightened person is wasted on fear instead of positive action.

In a state of fear, the cells of the mind do not get enough blood and oxygen, then the mind cannot perform its functions properly. There are various fears that affect a person’s life.

One of these fears is the fear of failure. Fear of failure is the name of a state of mind that prevents a person from moving forward and progressing.

Fear of failure is the most powerful and influential of the various unrealistic and baseless fears found in human life. Some people overcome this fear and pave the way for the destination, while some impose it on themselves to such an extent that this fear becomes an obstacle in their way and leads to failure. One of our teachers used to tell us,

Failure is the key to success and fear is the biggest barrier to success

 A successful person rises above the fear of failure while a failed person goes down in fear of it.

Types of Fear of Failure

Before we know how to overcome the fear of failure, we need to know that fear of failure can be found in various areas of life. One of the most common failures we find is:

Fear of success

It refers to the fear that a person experiences before the possibility of success in a particular area of ​​his life. Facing this fear, there is a fear of breaking oneself, which consciously or subconsciously seeks to prevent this possibility of achieving the goal.

This fear of success is a lack of self-confidence and assessment of one’s own abilities, fear of not being able to maintain a successful situation, fear of being rejected by other people, and considering that success is not deserved.

Fear of job failure

This includes fear of not achieving the expected performance in the professional and work environment. This is usually due to the pressure and demand of the environment. Which leads to fear of making wrong decisions and blaming those responsible for the work.

Fear of failure of love

There is a fear that the relationship will be frustrating or that the person himself will not be involved in this work.

The most frequent causes are past and repeated negative experiences in the couple’s area, as well as low self-esteem, which can lead to rejection.

Fear of failure in the exam or school

Fear that occurs in childhood and refers to fear of education and performance in education. This creates an environment of excessive pressure for academic outcomes, this pressure can be cultural, familial, or school.

As a result, people are unable to develop their full potential and lose the motivation to study, leading to them dropping out of school.

If you want success, you have to put the fear of failure in your mind behind you and find out how successful people in the world have overcome this fear and how they have reached their destination by considering failure as a ladder to success.

Under what circumstances is the fear of failure or rejection?

Fear of failure or rejection is felt while achieving various goals in life. Dealing with these situations requires emotional states, during which you learn how to overcome the fear of failure or can overcome the situation with the help of your specific personal experiences.

Three of these situations are mentioned:

The first case is professional

Some people fear failure in professional or social life, for example, they feel that they can never be promoted in a particular office environment or they are not able to fulfill any new responsibilities well.

The second situation is friendly

Most people feel that they can’t make new friends because people don’t like them or they think people are just using them for their own benefit. That’s why they are reluctant to join a group of different people.

The third situation is that of relationships

Building any relationship is the most difficult process. Most people are unable to express their feelings to anyone all their lives for fear of being rejected, they are afraid of how they will admit their defeat if they fail. You feel unwelcome and unreliable for any emotion.

16 Best tips about How to overcome the fear of failure

There is a lot of pressure in today’s society to be successful and not be wrong. We all have the fear of making mistakes in different areas of our lives, but sometimes this fear may not allow us to do our best or we may avoid certain situations for fear of not performing well.

Below are the 16 best tips If you want to know how to overcome the fear of failure?

Believe in yourself

Any fear can be easily overcome by keeping it in a different situation. No failure ends the world for you, you can start any situation or relationship again. According to the British philosopher James, the inventor of all the great scientific inventions in the world had to face failure at first.

Focus on the desires

Turn your desires in a positive direction, see if you can turn your goals into desires. For example, to deal with a failure in the working environment, think of “I will get a promotion next year”, this commitment will lead you to success by acting positively to achieve your goals. Will

Psychology hidden behind

Overcoming the fear of failure requires not only acknowledging it but also exposing it to yourself. Once you face this fear, you can better plan for self-confidence. How is it possible to overcome the fear of failure for self-confidence and success? There are a few things that need to be done.

Reject the prediction

When you make false assumptions about yourself before a competition, others easily reject you and turn your fears into reality. On the other hand, when you acknowledge past failures as evidence in the present, failure is your destiny, so challenge these assumptions and start fighting them.

Creative use of ideas

Imagination can also help you overcome the fear of failure. Use imagination creatively to overcome this fear, by putting yourself in a situation every day where you feel insecure.

Try to consider yourself not only successful but also lucky in this situation. This process will help you reduce your fears and direct your thoughts and expectations in a positive direction.

Learn the real motivations

When you are trying to improve your confidence, first try to find out where, when and how your confidence began to decline.

What taught you to be afraid? What are the messages that cause you to lose confidence? When you learn about them, it becomes easier to deal with and overcome them.

Assess the risks

To make a more reasonable assessment of the risks and to avoid falling into destructive thoughts, analyze the likelihood of the risk event and the severity of the consequences. Questions “What could be the worst?” Can help you And “What is the probability of this happening?” In this way, a more rational analysis of the results is obtained and not based on feelings of fear.

Set realistic goals

Achieve goals based on the availability of the resources we have. In this way, we will soon begin to see positive results, and confidence in our own abilities will increase. To facilitate this task, setting common and specific goals can be helpful in setting a timetable and simplifying the goal.

Recognize the feelings of fear

Recognizing and accepting these feelings in general and as ordinary people is the first step to start working on them. To make a difference there, we must first accept the situation from which we began.

Identify the focus of your fears

Especially knowing what part of a particular process is what frightens us can help us deal with the situation. It is important to practice self-awareness and find your fears.

Situation planning and anticipation

This helps us reduce the level of uncertainty we face and they create fear. It is useful to know the situation in advance and analyze it, and if you need to, you can put this skill into practice.

Which you will be afraid of, how to perform to achieve maximum security and confidence. To do

Try to learn from mistakes

Try to change your perception of failure and start thinking that mistakes are not failures. Mistakes are made by all people on a daily basis.

The most important thing is the ability to learn from them and to develop and improve in the process. Instead of focusing on your own failures, focus on the mistakes you have made and then learn how to overcome the fear of failure.

The courage to fail

One of the most effective ways to lose fear is to expose yourself to what makes you afraid. Avoid making mistakes, try to make small mistakes to make sure the disastrous results you expect don’t happen.

Minimize your demands

Don’t demand perfect results from yourself and focus more on different parts of the process and less on the final results. Divide the work or process into sections and review each of these sections separately to obtain a partial and not global analysis.

Make a Plan

Not making alternative plans in matters as we would like or imagine can help reduce our discomfort and insecurity about the possibility of making mistakes. It also increases the chances that we will face a terrible situation.

Practice the concept  to achieve the goal

To reach a goal, it is very helpful to apply the conceptual technique, that is, imagine the whole process and the steps necessary to achieve it, including the creation along the way. Including obstacles and ways to overcome them. Breathing and relaxation exercises can be done while exercising.

In the end, just take your life seriously and think globally. Think you are not the only one who faces failure. There are billions of people facing failure in their lives. But remember only a few of those succeed who understand the concept of how to overcome the fear of failure in life.

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