is it good to study in study lamp-Pros, Cons, Tips

Study table lamp

Summary of is it good to study in study lamp

Yes, it is good to study in study lamp because it offers a human eye-friendly environment while studying. The study table lamp produces soft moderate intensity light that reduces eye strain. It is also good to use a study table lamp while studying on laptop or computer screens.

Link between Light enviornment and study

No one likes Studying for a long time. Especially if the light environment is not suitable for human eyes. Therefore study lamps are used for studying. Yes, it is good to study in a study lamp because of the direction of light from top to bottom.  

First, let us discuss why proper light is important for study?

Why proper light is important for study?

Human eyes are very sensitive to light. Human mood also depends with variation in the enviornment. Eyes are the organs which observe our surrounding and give a response towards it.

When we talk about highly focusing task studying it becomes more important for us to maintain proper light in study area. Because during study our mind works in collaboration with our eyes in a more focused way.

Therefore, if the light in study are not properly arranged then our eyes feels strain due to putting extra focus on book. This leads to discomfortness of eyes and body. Hence not only we stop studying but also invite many eyes diseases as well.

What is the Best light for studying?

The best light for studying is natural light. However, we cannot always study in natural light due to certain conditions such as weather, physical, institutional etc. The main cause of why natural light is best for studying is, its multidirectional nature.

When we sit in open enviornment the light rays comes towards all the directions which minimize the chances of shadow creation. Human eyes performs efficiently in such enviornment because of homogeneity of light.

During study when we see around us we find same intensity of light everywhere. And when we focus again on book our eyes do not see blurriness.

How to choose right color for study?

Human eyes words best in warm lights such as yellowish orange light during a sunny day. It is good for making our eyes feel comfortable. It also lasts soothing effects to our behavior as well.

During night according to research by experts, warm light also helps increasing sleep quality.

Advantages of studying in study table lamp

When it comes to study in a room then proper care should be taken regarding light in study area. It is good to study in study lamp because light comes from top to bottom.

When the light strikes with the book or paper it is reflected towards our eyes. This makes the image processing process much easier. Or a room with lights from every direction to avoid shadows of objects

Focused task lightening and reduced eye strain

Studying in a study area having dim or brighter light causes the eyes strain. Because due to dim or extra bright light in study area our eyes worked much harder to maintain the focus on our study.

Therefore, using a study table lamp helps us reducing the eye strain.

Create dim light around the study are as well

In case of studying in natural light, the light intensity is brighter than the light intensity on our stud table.

So when we see some thing around us for few seconds which is human psychology, our eyes adjust the focus to better observe in brighter area.

But when we again focus on the book our eyes once again adjust the focus according to a bit less bright area. This transition in focus causes blurriness for few seconds.

But in case of table study lamp the case is reverse of natural light. In this case the study area is more bright then the surrounding area.

Therefore, table study lamps provides ambient lighting. Hence it is good to study in study lamp.

Moderate temperature around study area

It is good to study in study lamp because it utilize less amount of energy. The electric bulb in study table lamp is smaller in size and mostly lightening gas is used in it for light.

Therefore, it generates far less amount of heat than large size electric lights.

This increases studying ability because of moderate temperature around the study area. It is neither too hot nor too cold.

Best for studying on laptops or computers

This advance age of technology has decreased the trend of studying from books. Now a days people prefer to study from digital products such as laptops, smart phones, computer etc.

So is It is good to study in study lamp when you are using laptop or computers for reading purposes.

Yes it is good to study in study lamp using laptops because ordinary room light or natural light is reflected from the screen of laptop or smart phones. Which causes trouble in creating a clear view of study material?

Study table lamps are good to use for studying from laptops because the lights comes either from top direction. So chances of light reflections are highly decreased and reader gets a good view of the screens.

Disadvantages of using study table lamp

Too much light exposure

Study table lamp increases the light exposure to eyes. It is due to the very short distance between reader and study table lamp.

Human eyes are not made for long time exposure to light. Therefore, it is a serious drawback of using study table lamp for studying.

Electric shocks possibility

Although it has become important home gadget but being electric in nature it presents electric shock hazard. If not taken care properly it may result in electric shock.

Covers space

One of minor disadvantage of study table lamp is it covers a lot of space. Mostly the study tables or computer tables are not of large size. A normal study table lamp cover a lot of table surface.

Although the modern study table lamps cover little space but they also offer the high light dispersion which makes reading a little bit more difficult.

Best Tips to use study table lamp in a effective way

  • While using study table lamp prefer to study in a large room.
  • The room having study table lamp inside, should have a window opened.
  • Try to buy the lamp offering light intensity controller sensor.
  • The light of study table lamp should be of warm or yellowish orange color.
  • Avoid using dark or colorful study table lamps
  • Better use rechargeable study table lamps so that at the time of study these could be unplugged to avoid any mishap.
  • Make it sure that light does not come from the back side of your body.
  • Always use size adjustable study table lamp. So that you could adjust the height of lamp according to your need.

So by following all the tips mentioned above will make you able to answer the question is it good to study in study lamp. Above all it is far better to plan a study schedule during day time so that you may not use study table lamp.