Increasing rate of Autism in child

Autism in child

What is Autism?

Autism is a disorder that is affecting more and more people. Its literal meanings are difficulty in relationships, mental retardation, and other factors. This disease is more common in boys and very few girls suffer from it.

When autism is detected?

It is detected only when the child reaches the age of at least two years. If the following symptoms appear from the first year of the child’s age to the age of three, then he is said to have autism. If the child does not make different sounds when he reaches the age of one year. He does not point to anything, he does not start to grasp things.

Signs of autism in a child

A child with autism clearly lags behind normal children in social interactions. They do not know how to make friends. They prefer to be alone. Such children do not feel threatened. Feels less or more pain. He never feels “tired”.

Such children do not get bored of doing the same hobbies on a daily basis. When children with autism enter adolescence, they do not understand why people are sad. Why are they happy? What is sad? What is happiness? No cure for autism has yet been discovered.

Concept of autism in current times

No scientist or doctor has yet been able to diagnose this brain defect. In many countries of the world, attempts have been made to find out the causes of this disease, but so far the final causes have not been determined.

Some do not even consider it a disease. They consider it a psychological disorder. However, a mental disorder is also a disease. According to a recent study on autism, autism is a hereditary risk that is passed on from generation to generation. However, this is not a definitive study. Psychologists, teachers, parents, and Other relatives can help the affected child.

Autistic children can be assisted by pausing in simple words, speaking in short sentences, asking them questions and answering them. Love, warmth, and affection with the child. Encouraging them to have an attitude, giving them small pleasures, encouraging them, they should understand mercy and responsibility instead of burden.

On the other hand, it is said that in fact such children are more intelligent than other children. They have a capacity that other children do not have. Autism sufferers to communicate and build relationships with others. There are difficulties. Awareness Day for Autism is celebrated all over the world including Pakistan on April 2.

One out of every 160 children worldwide suffers from autism. The Center for Autism Children in Karachi is established under the name of “Center for Autism Children Karachi”. It is estimated that there are currently 3.5 million children in Pakistan. More than 1 million children have autism. According to a new study, people with autism live longer than the general population, while suicide and epilepsy are the leading causes of death.

Research by the Swedish charity Autistica has described it as a hidden acute crisis. Sniffing can detect autism. According to a study published in the scientific journal British Journal of Psychiatry, the age of people with autism Less than 16 years old, an estimated one per cent of the UK population, or seven million people, have autism.

Keep in mind that adults with autism have difficulty communicating and making relationships with others. The study, conducted in Sweden and included 27,000 adults with autism and 2.7 million adults, found that those with autism and other related disabilities had an average age of 39 years.

Epilepsy is the leading cause of death in the general population, with epilepsy being the leading cause of death. Three-quarters of people with autism suffer from at least one related mental illness, while 40 percent suffer from two more illnesses. However, the link between autism and epilepsy has not yet been discovered.

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People with autism who had no other disabilities had an average age of less than 12 years, or 58 years, instead of 70 years. Suicide was the leading cause of death after heart disease. Past research has shown this to be the case. Women are at higher risk of suicide than men, while only half of those who commit suicide suffer from depression.

The author of the study, published online, says it is “sad and heartbreaking” that more information is needed. The death rate in adults with autism is a hidden acute crisis. A quarter of people with autism can either speak very little or not speak at all, while statistics show that only 15% of people try to find a full-time job.

Autism in child is increasing so rapidly. For this strong action needs to be taken both at home and government level.